Astrologist sues NASA for $3 Mil

A Russain astrologist is suing NASA for $300,000,000. She says NASA has altered her horoscope by crashing a spacecraft into a comet and blames the US space agency for damages. -Reuters

Come on. This is just rediculous. Does this remind anyone else of Mostly Harmless?

Welcome to the American legal system, where barratry and ridiculous lawsuits are the name of the game.

Wait, if she’s not an American citizen, wouldn’t she have to use the Russian judicial system? I wonder how forgiving they are to astrologists…

What the hell? NASA is spending my money to crash spaceships into comets?

She could file her claim American system. She’d have better luck in the American system since if she wins NASA would be forced to pay. If she won in Russia, it would be much harder to get them to pay if she won. I doubt that she will win though since I doubt it’ll be recognized as a valid claim. Plus, NASA was acting on offical duties and no actual damage was caused, so it probably won’t be responsible. It is hard to prove that NASA caused $3 million worth of damage by hitting the asteroid.

Yes, except it’s not a spaceship, it’s a probe.

Link please.

But yes, its doomed to fail.

Methinks someone is out for a quick buck. >_>

Hm, here’s a link:

Proving that no matter what someone achieves, there will always be SOMEONE pissed off by it, for whatever stupid reason.

She’s so worried about her horoscope changing, but if she’s so accurate that the crash is something to worry about, then why didn’t she see it coming?

Even if NASA could be sued for such a silly thing, I never read or heard anywhere that comets are used for horoscopes.

I think there should be a law stating that, if you are sued for something silly (McDonnald’s making people fat, the woman who sued a couple of girls for giving her cookies, and now this one…) then you could counter-sue for harassment and damage to your image. If people felt they may be in danger by going to the court with such stupid things courts would have more time to really important stuff.

Actually, it is possible to counter sue. You could sue for things such as “pain and suffering” because the cause caused you so much agony or something.

Oh. My. God.

First the McDonald’s law suits… and now this… What’s next?

QUOTE=Ren]I think there should be a law stating that, if you are sued for something silly (McDonnald’s making people fat, the woman who sued a couple of girls for giving her cookies, and now this one…) [/QUOTE]

Damnit… I didn’t know I was beat to it. Eh, atleast I’m not alone on my thoughts.

Oh, that will stop all the lawsuits. More lawsuits. Good idea.

The legal system is so messed up at this point. I don’t think there’s any fixing it.

You can also counter-sue them for wasting your time.

Well aren’t we the bubbling pot of joy? >.>

Anyway, this isn’t really a case of a messed up legal system. It’s just a stupid woman trying to make a quick buck. I can’t think of any modern legal system that would seriously hear this case, so it would just get dismissed before it has a chance for anyone to hear it.

As for counter-suits, they serve a purpose sometimes. Defamation, loss of business, suing for attorney’s fees, etc.

I was gonna write I was shocked about the thread title but insanity is accepted I see…:thud:

Maybe it’s just an excuse to make money? << >>

I think it is just a publicity stunt by the astrologist. Maybe trying to drum up some business.

Astrology is all bullshit anyway.

Mmm, free advertisement.

Who cares about Astrology? It’s useless anyway.

Not all the times, and no matter how stupid you think this lady is, either way she got her case to an american court.That sould tell you something.