As if Linux wasn't enough already...

Now they’re making another Anti-Microsoft OS.

Oh well, I wish them best of luck. =)

WOULD YOU SHUT UP AL REA DY GOD…(/stacatto talking in case you couldn’t tell, I do that sometimes when I just want people to STFU)

I knew I would find this thread here, and I’m not going to credit my psycic powers. You are too predictable.

I have an idea. Maybe it wasn’t the whole Orak thing that got people hostile. Maybe it was because they were sick of seeing a Linux thread every five seconds.

Wert, hate to tell you this, but Microsoft isn’t going down. Linux will never be user-friendly enough for me, and all the other computer morons, to use. So silence, or face the wrath of Jello Instant Pudding and Kool-Aid!

Wertigon, I hope you realize you make people NOT want to transfer to Linux.

I’ve got a Linux box here in my room. You never see me mention it. I’m not a Linux advocate, I just keep it here cause I like having the option. Sometimes I like seeing things through a different perspective. I sure as hell don’t keep it for the game library. Heck, I think I have more <A HREF=“”>Mac Games</A> than I do Linux games. And either way, they’re both just ports of Windows games.

Yeah I forgot to mention that. Wert’s getting to be like he used too…

Now they’re making another Anti-Linux OS.

Oh well, I wish them best of luck. =)

Originally posted by Wertigon
Japan, China, and Korea? Engrish.

Maybe Windows is so prominent because its easy to use and not everyone is capable or willing to learn complex OSes that they don’t need?

Nah- it must mean they are evil and want to take over the world. I guess I’ll use Linux now, even though I never experience any of the supposed frequent Windows errors and have no idea about programming a machine. -_-

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Japan, China, and Korea? Engrish.

Hey, they’re gonna make it p2p soon, then ;_;

and won’t let Americans use it.

Thank god I’m canadian! I’ll trade them some trees and beaver skins for their new cutting edge technolagy :stuck_out_tongue: