Artwork and Retaliation:Afterpiece Noir

Hello everyone! I am proud to announce that, “Retaliation:Afterpiece Noir” is finished.

I stood awake until 23:35 last night and managed to finish it.

Anyone who wants it in private may get it… Or if you want, I can post it ALL here.

Here’s a few passages:

"“Selphie.” I said, walking up to her.
“Thank Hyne you’re here!” she said. There was something wrong about this whole thing. Selphie was acting wierd. She would never take the name of “Hyne” to her mouth.
“You depressed or something?” I asked.
“No. Why?” she asked in return.
“Whatever. What was this thing? This is Chad Surinel’s doing?”
“This is Surinel’s doing, Surinel’s men? Really?” she asked, “But we gotta go, cause if it’s Surinel, then it’s-“

It wasn’t a gunshot. It was a familiar whistle. Too familiar. The whistle brought back memories of old.

I saw the shrukien in mid air. I saw it in slow-motion, my own, confused reflection glaring back at me, as they all died before my eyes… Once again.

The shrukien entered Selphie right in the chest. Blood rushed onto me, it washed me down like a dark blessing on me. She fell down.

“Selphie!!!” I screamed.

Her innocent face was still staring at me. Her eyes full of happiness were empty now. There was neither joy nor life left in her.

She was dead…

And another part of me had died with her."
-Chapter 2/Part Three:“Justified Violence”

"It had many names, but to me, it was the bottom line of River Styx. River Styx was going around Necropolis, the land of the dead, seven times as it was told to us in scriptures. I had seven dead people’s blood on my hands to take the revenge of: Rinoa Heartilly, Leia Seldorven, Quistis Trepe, Zell Dincht, Irvine Kinneas, Selphie Tilmitt… And myself.

It was ironic, gothically ironic how it turned out: 7 people, the river of the dead that went around the land of the dead 7 times, 7 deadly sins, 7 deadly pleasures, 7th house on Timber, 7 rounds of this deadly roulette and I was still standing."
-Chapter 2/ Part 7:“Revenge #7

"I got to the car I had for quite a while, Leia’s gift. Even now, it had been only a night since I had been into this, I could pick up her scent. The bitter scent of death didn’t get into it. My heart and soul were bleeding in a desire too deadly that I would suffocate if I kept it up. Leaning against the steering wheel, I cried out tears of blood.

Because I was the one that had to die. Reckless everytime I picked up a case, Prozac storage, self-mutilating ex-SeeD who is back to his murder days. I was a walking, talking numbness with just enough will to keep breathing. My heart had stopped beating, it was dying within my body. I could feel the pain."
-Chapter 1/Part Four:“Tears Of Blood”

"I went further in, digging deep into the graveyard of my enemy. I saw corpses here and there, slain in ritualistic positions. It should’ve made me sick. It should’ve made me fall on my knees and puke out everything I had inside myself in the account of “food”.

But somehow, I wasn’t bothered by the scene.

It of course was a random act of violence- the work of a sick bastard who liked to see blood of the drugs that were soothing him down. But it was, in a way, the reflection of my past. The dead men making a parade on my behalf. A show just for me.

My head started spinning as I had to hold on to something nearby. That “something”, unfortunately, was a metal chimney that stood like a coloumn- and it was hot.

Screaming in pain, I withdrew my hand, smoke was coming out of it. The burnt mark was clearly visible. I needed some cold water to clean it, but decided that I shouldn’t. Pain kept me alive and awake."
-Chapter 1/Part 7:“When A Dead Man Walks”

"I started to roam the corridors with the quietness of a ghost, the deadliness of death, and the woundedness of only a man like me could understand of. I walked across the corridors, but no Garden Faculty was around. They had a plan. I knew it. I knew I was headed straight to self-destruction, just like I knew they had something in the line for me.

I didn’t have a clue these days. I just slashed them as they came. But here and now, in the depths of this cold, cavernous grave of mine, I couldn’t count on senseless acts. My senses had to crawl back to their places in order for me to survive."
-Chapter 3/ Part Three:“A Catch In All Plans”

opinions are welcomed and accepted…

And I get a feeling this is gonna get “not for younger readers” mark:)

and does anyone know someone who does artwork through the net on request?

All I can say is, r0x0r. Joker you kickass at writing.

Thank you, thank you.

It’s a simple secret: Microsoft Word is more fun than Command&Conquer:)

And maybe, some real dark creativity- the core of my creativity is darknes… and love.

Thank you, Sephiroth Hayes.

Anyone else?

Yes,writing can be more fun than Cnc at times.

I could refer you to Noacat if you like. If you ask nicely she might do so. She does stuff for my fics, 'cause she’s my fwiend.

Now, I shall leave, because even though writing may be better than CnC, the jury is out on whether it is better than End Of Eva.

Y’know Pierson, that would be great. I can probably draw animé if I had material to begin with, but unfortunately, my PC Desk is kinda sloppy, and paper-monitor can wear out my eyes.

Thank you.