<a href=“”>Fiona’s Birthday Present</a> that I drew for her. First try at something slightly more realistic than anime. Could be a lot better ;_; But it’s still cute.

I see you gave her breasts.

Yeah I messed up :frowning:

Hades, good start, go here and join the pool of wonderful knowledge, you’ll benifit greatly from it, I know I have:

A good SERIOUS art site for people who want to improove.

Niiiiiiice… Funny, I wanted to sy what Steve did too, but can’t anymore since Steve went and said it.

Edit: And seriously Izlude, HAdes has been drawing for us too for quite a long time now :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it.

Then what is wrong with offering him some constructive advice? I’m not picking on his art. It’s just a suggestion if he wants to improove. Key rule to draw by: Draw from life, practice practice practice. Thats about it. And if he’s been drawing for you for a while now, I’m sure he is somewhat serious about his work and will consider looking into that art site. I guess I should post some of my stuff up here too…

Please dooo I wanna see it, and thank you, that site is very helpful. I’ve been to many like it before though.

Very nice… now you’re getting me sentimental… :hahaha;

You give a light touch to your shading that could be darker in someplaces. Your shirt is cool, but seems to fall flat upon your body. Nice job really, hope Fiona likes it.