Aria of Sorrow Souls Question

Zombie Officer Soul- what’s the deal with this? It says “Jumping while taking damage restores health” but when I jump and take damage… well, I take damage and am not seeing any health increase. How does it work?

It doesn’t. It doesn’t work at all because Konami apparently forgot to make it work. It’s the same with the Dead Warrior soul (press up+B to deflect normal attacks), so don’t waste your time on them unless you want to make headhunter stronger or want to collect all the souls.

Good going Konami. Good think I didn’t try to mess with the Dead Warrior soul either. It sounded cool too…

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Good going Konami.
That doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Good going Gravity” like you usually say.

I think the 3 g’s give it the ring. Also, do all the old bosses have souls too? I kinda spent a long time fighting the Creeping Skeleton over and over again and got nothing =P.

Yes, all the bosses contain a soul.(except the last one.)

Well, from reading the forums on gamefaqs, it seems that the souls do work but the description was poorly translated.

Zombie Officer causes you to recover faster when you were hit while jumping. So you can break out of your fall, instead of helplessly plummeting to the first platform you land on.

Dead Warrior makes it so using your up+B move breaks out of your normal attack, I think. Which could be useful in some way with slow weapons, I guess. An alternative to backdashing?

And yeah, if there is a checkbox for a soul on the enemy’s description page, then the enemy leaves a soul. All the bosses either always give you their soul or else you can fight them somewhere as a regular enemy and get their soul that way. Except for Legion. Apparently to get Legion’s soul you need to destroy all four parts of its shell before destroying the core. There are two different death animations for Legion, depending on if you destroyed all the shell before killing it or not, and it only leaves the soul if the shell was destroyed.