You’ve got your active forum! Your purpose is accomplished so tell me…are you satisfied?! Or will you move on to bigger and bigger things?!

What forum will Hades go after next?

Oh that scoundrel!

The world of internet forum boards is DOOMED!

Just because it’s active, that doesn’t mean it’s good. :[

Hades didn’t give his opinion on Disney Hades.

So, more forum activity is a bad thing? Since when?

I was being ironically congradulatory.

I’m quite happy to see the activity.

He’s actually so shocked that he can’t find words to respond :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone should buy the new Neverending White Lights album in my honor.

Thanks for the suggestion but no.

I just got here. Someone fill me in on this latest development so I may report to my superiors in the Ministry of Hades Stalking.

It’s Kero! KERO! I love your title and avatar combo. You’re so pro at those.

That’s all because of me.

Yes, and I even showed up on Guy Fawkes day to boot!

So really, what’s Hades done now?

He posted a thread complaining about how the board was really inactive.

Then it got active!


I was just thinking of that phrase …