Are you an Anime-phile?

Here are a few clues to tell if you are an Anime-phile:

1)When watching Sailor Moon, you find yourself wishing she’d moon you;
2)Vash hair is a turn on to you;
3)You saw “Sailor Moon and the seven Dragon Balls”;
4)You actually find the Kikaider robot “love” scene stimulating;
5)You have a nude pic of any Anime character in your room.

Unfortunately for me, all these apply to me (puberty, hormones, you know the deal…). Except the Sailor Moon stuff. I hate Sailor Moon…

Wha…?! O_o Now that’s weird.

Am I attracted to anime characters?

Hell no.

So like, you wanna be my girlfriend?

Originally posted by Charlemagne
So like, you wanna be my girlfriend?

Its good to have you back buddy.

you sure are telling us a lot for someone who has only posted 3 times.

oh yeah, be careful of stuff like that, Somethingawful has that weekend web thing, i dont’ think we would want to be on it

BM should be on it >.>;

Bah, hormones shmormones, hentai isn’t as bad as it used to be. At least now the hentai is drawn pretty damn well, and you have a very large selection. And NB, you know you want some Naota lovin’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by Gackt
BM should be on it >.>;


Wrong forum, and there are endless possibilities of being an “Anime-phile”.

I love Sailor Moon and Trigun though I never once thought about her white ass, nor his prickley hair. Geez.

I myself am, I freely admit, a fan of cuteness. However, I am NOT a fan of asinine dialogue, which is why I have never watched even a second of Sailor Moon.

Drop Hentai and go read the comic books made by the masters Serpieri and Milo Manara.

Maybe you don’t recognize thier names. So here is an intro.

Manara made some short comic books. They are light and an easy reading for everyone. However, you must be ready for high levels of perversion. I think ‘The Click’ series is his most famous work. In ‘The Click’ number 1, a medic places an implant in the sexual centers of the brain of a woman he likes (though the woman hates him). The implant receives signals from a remote control, and the medic has such a RC - so he keeps shadowing her and using the control to make feel horny. He never reveals himself, but enjoys watching the things she does when the implant is turned on. Later on he discovers the implant never actually worked. She really was the uber pervert.

Serpieri was the man who made the Druuna series. Despite being erotic art, its plot is one of the most solid ones I know. It takes a lot of mental maturity and philosophical exercising to understand it. The story takes place in a devastated cyberpunk world. There is a contagious plague that turns people into monsters, and the authorities are always seeking and destroying the ones affected. Druuna is a special person… She gets into contact with people who have the plague and does not get infected.

I’ve read “Click” before. It was fun.

cough Unfortunately my interest in anime is entirely cough pure, so I’d have no idea cough what you’re talking about.

…long live GAINAX!

I think RPT needs to watch “Wordsworth” or “The Girl Next Door”. Get on the chat sometime and I’ll hook you up.

No…just no.

Morylion, about the girlfriend thing… I’ll think about it…probably. You’re not like a pedophile or nothin’, right? (cocks gun) 'CAUSE HERE IN AKRON WE DON’T TAKE KINDLY TO THEM THAR PEDOPHILES!!! Beast-o-philes are okay though…

Yaaaaah try not to necropost, ok?

And sigh they all fall for it.

Originally posted by Yar Kramer
I myself am, I freely admit, a fan of cuteness. However, I am NOT a fan of asinine dialogue, which is why I have never watched even a second of Sailor Moon.

That’s exactly why the story scenes in Final Fantasy X-2 made me cringe. 8P

PIFF :stuck_out_tongue:
FFX-2 has better dialogue than Sailor Moon.

When YRP weren’t talking, maybe. 8(

I’m sorry, but the dialogue the girls had (especially Rikku) was lacking something. For example, the following quip from the game that just made me want to skip the story scenes for the rest of the game.

[spoiler]Paine: The holes in the Chambers of the Fayth-were they there before?

Yuna: No.

Rikku: So the holes must be new, right?[/spoiler]

However, here’s one of my favourite scenes from the game. The dialogue HERE is great.

Gippal: Whaddaya got in mind for fun? Any ideas, Dr. P?

Paine: Me? A ship that glides through the air. That thing you mentioned
before. If it’s for real, I wanna fly it.

Baralai: You get to be pilot, then. And maybe I’ll try my hand at

Gippal: Then I’ll be engineer!

Baralai: Nooj?

Paine: Captain.

Baralai: Ah, that’s perfect.

Nooj: You’d let an amateur be captain?

Gippal: Chill out, Noojster. All you gotta do is shut up and look
important and you’ll fit the part.

Paine: Like a glove.

Nooj: I’ll work you like dogs.