Are protections cumuliative

Hi Guys

We are playing second edition.

Are protection items cumulative ie if you have a +1 ring and a +2 cloak does it equal +3 protection?

If I remember from second edition, it depends on the kidn of protection they ofer or something… that, or they just do.

As far as I know, they do. If I’m wrong, eh. Whatever. Read the DMG.

That reminds me, is the rule in NWN that states that deflection AC bonuses from different items dont’ stack from the standard D&D ones?


If I recall correctly, that rule does apply to DnD, Manus.

If I recall right, one may only wear a single type of “of protection” type item at once, for example, wearing a +1 Cloak and a +2 Ring means you only have +2.

Same with Armor: Wearing Chainmail and a Ring +2 is okay, but a Chainmail +1 and a Ring +2 won’t mix (Armor comes first…)

bonus stacking is completely based on bonus types. You cannot get 2 “deflection bonuses” only the stronger bonus will work. An Armour +1 still gives and armour bonus so it would stack with a ring of deflection +2. An Amulet of natural armour gives natural armour bonuses so it would stack as well. A Shield gives a Shield bonus so it stacks. A monk’s wisdom gives him an insight bonus so it stacks. So depending on whattype of bonus your tiems give you, it may or may not stack.