Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Arcanum, one of the best fucking ISO RPGs of all time.

~It had shotty programing glitches
~Awesome voice acting
~Great music
~Wonderful setting (that still remains unique from most other videogame RPGs I’ve seen out there)
~Inventive classless character progression that was really fun to mess around with
~LOTS of sidequests
~Its out of print cause Sierra is fag

I got the game about 3 years ago. Loved it, lost it. Got a new copy about 2 years ago, loved IT and lost it… Got my most recent copy (and made copies of it to prevent loosing it AGAIN) last week… Loving it still.

Yeah, thats my thoughts… Discuss!

Yes I liked Arcanum too, though tech characters are pointless.

I don’t think so… I found guns fun to use.

What I like about this game is its not about being a freaking twink… its just having fun with your own guy, playing your way. Besides, the thing about tech is mastering multiple fields to get the best gear it can provide, like putting together electronics and gunsmithy to make the Tesla cannon. And, tech really shines once you reach the Vendigrath Ruins. With all the good schematics you find.

I wonder if the ideas behind Arcanum would translate into a MMORPG…

I disliked Arcanum because it was a bit too open. Kinda like Baldur’s Gate, actually…