Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits

I just bought this game, and it’s incredible. I didn’t expect a game to be so good, for such a low price. At a nearby Electronic Boutique, they’re having a clearance, and they have a shitload of new PS2 games for $10. Such games as Max Payne 2, Amplitude, Dark Cloud 2, Lifeline, Wild ARMs 3, Primal, and others. So I thought, hey, why not buy some games?

Anyways, I’ve attempted the part where you first neet Lilia, and you have to protect her from the Drakyr in that one battle. The problem is, I’ve tried it over 10 times, and I still cannot seem to beat it. Kharg is level 11, Paulette is level 8, and Maru is level 10. I don’t know if I’m doing this all wrong or not. I usually go for the nearest 3 Drakyr, and manage to kill them pretty easily, with Kharg doing 35’s and all. I’ve kept Paulette to follow Lilia, and to heal her when necessary, but it still doesn’t seem to work. When Lilia gets close to the 3 farthest Drakyr, they all target her. One of them doing 16 with melee attack, and the other doing 24-30 with a magic attack.

I can’t really prevent this from happening, as the same thing has happened many times. I was thinking of just keeping all three characters huddled towards Lilia, so when she gets to the farthest 3 Drakyr, she will have a 1/4th chance in being targetted once; but if that’s not the correct way to do this, then I won’t bother. So any advice is welcome.

Anyways, I’m really enjoying the game. It has a Final Fantasy Tactics feel to it, yet has the graphics of Wild ARMs 3. Are there any similar PS2 games?

Stay to her and heal after every time she gets hit. Have you played ATL 1-3 yet? You’ll probably like it too. I didn’t care for ATL Twighlight of the Sprits, but that may be because I had high expectations after playing the first three.

I did what you said, but when I had everyone with her, she wasn’t targetted. Ever. So, I’ve done that, and now I’m back in Yewbell, right after you see Lilia and her Light Stone.

Twilight of The Spirits was pretty cool I thought. I’ve never had much trouble in the said battle that your talking about. Most of the game was pretty easy for me anyway.

Okay. I’m now as Darc again, and I’m about to go to that forest place. I’m level 10 for all 3 characters.

Can someone spoil a bit of the game for me? When do Kharg, and Darc meet?

they bump into each other several times, but the parties don’t merge till the very end of the game.

If you want there to be any challenge at all in the game you should resist the temptation to fight in the arenas. It is very easy to end up at level 40-50 in the arenas when you can fairly easily beat the game at 30ish.

Bah. I don’t care for battles in the arena. They don’t count towards the story at all.

Anyways, I’m now at the part right after you fight Droguza in the coliseum in that town near the Coplept shrine. I’m with Darc again, by the way. I love how the story is unfolding.

I’m wondering if I’m underleveled/underskilled. I have Darc at level 20, and Class 6 rank. The other members do not mean anything.

Can you spoil more for me? Does Delma really kill Darc in the ending? Who is the person who actually gains control of the 5 Great Stones at the end?

You know what’d be great? Spoiler Tags. I never got around to finishing it yet.

Oh. Sorry Epic. You must’ve gone farther than I, though. I’m still near the middle/beginning.

just play the game. the only real way to overlevel is to try to get the secret characters from the arenas.

The other characters are quite important. Both Delma and Camellia(sp) get good healing spells.I find that Darc’s team is usually stronger than Kharg’s and has better characters. For the final battle I used Kharg, Darc, Camellia, Tatjana and the two secret characters.

I just restarted my ToS game. I stopped on the last boss…when I saw I couldn’t defeat him. So am going back to level up some more. The game isn’t hard at all…well the last boss is the toughest.

Okay. I must have the most diverse set of levels.

Darc is level 29, Delma is level 17, Camelillia is level 18, Volk is level 21, Bebedora is level 21. Kharg is level 24, Maru is level 17, Paulette is level 16, Ganz is level 18, and Tatjana is level 18.

This really sucks, 'cause the only people who really survive battles are Darc and Kharg. I’m right now in Halshine, in that monk temple place.

that’s because Darc is quite overleveled and Kharg is slightly. Go back to somewhere slightly easier and fight random battles without Darc or Kharg and get the others up to speed. I made the same mistake on my first game, with some help from an arena obsession. I ended up with Darc, Volk, Kharg, and Maru up in the high 40s and low 50s. The end boss was still somewhat annoying, since it has a rather odd pattern to when it is actually vulnerable.

I would recommend going to the arenas and leveling. Tatjana kicks all sorts of ass with the Romancing Stone (just wait till you get Sigma Storma).

I was rather fond of Maru’s Great Hunter myself. Nothing like dropping an airship on a wide area of enemies.

Okay. I can’t seem to beat the final (?) boss. The final boss is the thing that summons eyeballs, right? Anyways, my levels are still scattered. Darc is level 33, Kharg is level 40, Maru is level 23, Paulette is level 22, Tatjana is level 23, Delma is level 20, Volk is level 22, Bebedora is level 21, Ganz is level 24, Camellila is level 19. I know how to weaken the boss; by killing it’s eyeball summons. But then it just re-makes it’s force-field, and by then, I’ve already used up all my spirit stones. Too bad there wasn’t a save prompt right before the fight. I’d save myself about a 1/2 hour of gaming then. I have a save file back when Kharg and Darc fight, but that’s when Kharg is like, level 30. Should I go back and train?

I’d try to get every one to about level 30 first. During the fight it is a very good idea to have equipment that adds light to your attacks and raises defense to dark. Worst case scenario has you going back to the 2 man arenas and winning the secret characters. They join at level 30 and carry 150 stones.

True, but Tatjana also gets great healing spells. For the final boss have Camellia and Maru stand on the left or right edge of the area (the very edge so his beam won’t hit them.) They should kill the eyeballs while everyone else attacks him.

You can still level in the arenas without getting the two secret characters. You also may want to go to the monk and Orcon arena to get their items, but the monk arena is really hard.