Arc the lad 2 help.

Okay, Two problems:

One: I’m trying to access the Super GUild Job, and have no idea what it takes. I have over 400 Merits and compelted 56/58 jobs. Do I ened to finish those last two, which I can’t find for some reason?

Two: I’m in the forbidden ruins, just fought my way down to floor 50, and Choko wasn’t there. I got her in the first game, does that mean I can’t get her now?

Choko isn’t in the Forbidden Ruins in Arc 2. The Forbidden Ruins still have useful things for her in Arc 2, but only if you don’t screw up one of her other events. She resides in the Time Forest on Clenia Isle.

As for the job, try getting all of Diekbeck’s power units.

I really should give the Arc games another run sometime. Just FYI: make sure your main group’s levels are in the 90-120 range before you get to Romalia to avoid getting murdered by the sudden increase in monster levels there.

Already have all of his pwoer units, I haven’t even thrown any of them away. and I wasn’t aware of a TIme Forest on Clenia.

It’s off to one side. You never have to go there for the main plot. If you go there too early nothing happens, but at some point (I think it is linked to Elc’s level, 40ish for the first one, 50ish for the second, and 60ish for the last one) in the game Choko shows up and you get to do the first of her many subquests.

Ah. So, if Elc is currently at level 70…?

I think you can still do it. Choko starts at level 1 ripe for abusing +stat on level equipment, if you have anything that gives magic, mp, or attack on level up, have fun making everyone’s favorite godly force of nature in a little girl’s body even more powerful. Also, when a huge fight comes up during one of her scenes at Time Forest, DO NOT KILL ANYTHING. however, do get this really awesome item for choko out of a chest during the fight. you get attacked by a bunch of level 1 green slimes, and killing any of them makes you unable to advance choko’s quests further.

I thought the sidequests were linked to Choko’s level? After you do them you can go back to the Forbidden Ruins. There will be more floors and Choko will get some nice stuff at the bottom along with more backstory.

If you haven’t trained Shante as your healer I would recommend swapping to her. Lieza doesn’t have Ressurection and Dieckbeck doesn’t have the mp to be an effective healer.

I always wound up using Arc for my healer and used items for resurrecting. My end game party was Arc, Elc, Tosh, Iga, and Choko. Tosh was 109 and everyone else was under 100. Made for a long arduous fight, but it got the job done.

The first time I used Arc,Elc,Gruga,Iga and Shante. The second time I used Gruga, Shante, Choko, Gogen and Poco. Both teams worked pretty well.

Thanks for the help on Choko. Still confused on what to do about the last quest, though.

Current status:

400+ Merits
56/58 Jobs done
Already went to the back of Prodias Guil,d grabbed those chests.
Beat Andel
Have all 19 of Diekbeck’s units in my inventory right now.
Everyone’s at least level 60.

What mroe could I be missing?

Edit: Okay, went to TIme Forest, foudna Graveyard and a weird-looking tombstone. No Choko. Help?

there’s a village inside the forest, choko lives there. Here head to
the Time Forest now here go Left then right, left, right, left also right then
down and up. Inside Tokoko Village watch a scene then enter the house at the
Northwest corner of the Village.

Okay, am I dense? Were there clues hidden in the game aty some point to tell me what the fuck I’m supposed to do with Choko? I got her, she’s in my party, I leveled her to 74 in less than a minute (Yay, Diek Exp!), I head back, there’s some sort of scene… and then, I have no fucking clue where to go in the forest.

what happened in the scene? If I remember right choko usually tells you the way to the graveyard and the town when you get her. Try talking to people in the town and visiting the graveyard now that you have her. Once the big slime event happens (you might want to equip your party to maximize movement and minimize attack just in case it catches you off guard) you have to talk around in town one last time and then you can finally do the rest of the Forbidden Ruins, which will net you some nice treasure and some new skills for Choko. I’m not 100% on what has to happen after the slime event, because I didn’t know that I wasn’t to kill them.

This thread is making me want to play this again, so I might be right about there in a few days. I have a ~95% done Arc 1 file I can convert (blasted Cheer Trumpet!).