Arac's Campaign (Epic?)

Since HH’s D&D died, and if I’m still in it (he thought I quit, and then I missed agame, which would lead even further to that assumption) VS’ campaign is off for a while, I thought I’d start my own campaign, possibly at epic level. If anyone’s interested, I’m a worse DM than HH, only sometimes with better planning, and I can meet at just about any time in the evening (all day on weekends) if I get notice.

well i am in

I’m in… Does that mean I have to have an epic character? :frowning:

Well, there are a couple options for this.

  1. When we get together over chat sometime, we decide not to do epic.
  2. You make a non-epic character, and I can level him up for you.
  3. You make an epic character.
  4. If you already have one, you can use it. For example, if you got to twentieth level in NWN, you can use that character.

Eh, I would kind of rather create a new character rather than one from NWN. Do I have to have a character sheet or do you just have to?

You don’t need a character sheet, specifically, but you will need to give me any things on your character you don’t want me to decide. You could just type them in a PM or something, though. Or even just give me general guidelines like ‘specialize in longsword/evocation magic,’ or something, and I’d go from there.

I’ve decided I want to become a Triton. His name is Aquos. He specializes in trident/polearm. Turquoise hair. Neclaces/ bracelets of seashells. You can take it from there.