Arabian Nights Title Screen Poll!

Which one is the best??

Version one?

Or Version two??

i cant wait for this release :smiley: been waiting for so long. some real progress is being made thanx for all the hard work. :hyperven:

THis will be great when its done :slight_smile:

Number 2 looks a bit more cartoony, but it’s also clearer and easier to read.

I’ve been hearing about this game since I fired up RPGe’s FF5 patch for my first fan-translation experience way back when. Keep up the good work, and our hopes!

Not to be picky but I don’t like either of them. The original title screen had Arabian Nights really big in the center. That is the name of the game. The little Arabian nights should be deleted.

It should say Arabian Nights where the desert spirits is.

Then on the bottom it should say “The King of the desert spirits.”

That sounds a hundred times more english than “desert spirits’ king”

Actually, I agree with DaMarsMan.

I also remember about 5-7 years ago when I tried to remake the Arabian Nights title screen myself. …MAN that was a long time ago.

Want to give it a try? :hahaha;

Heh, no… it was a complete disaster when I tried.

All the projects you are doing look really fun. Thank you