Arabian Nights patch Poll: Which one looks better in your opinion?

I don’t have much time so i’ll get right to the point :
We have two possibilities for the Character stats Labels in the main menu Screen (see images attached to get an idea of what i am talking of)

A) Plain Text
B) Icons

Which one do you preferer/like mostly?


The text is easier to read at the moment, but if you convert all them to icons, like with Str and Def, and they don’t run over into each other, that would look neat.

Good ol’ text.

It looks nice, it’s easy to read, and there’s no confusion whatsoever.

The icons themselves don’t really add anything, except taking up space for the names of the stats, so they’re smaller and more difficult to read. And what sort of icons could the other stats have? Atk could be a sword… OK… Spd, a shoe or something? Int? Agi? End? I don’t even know what that last one is. But anyway, Str and Def are easier to come up with logical icons than the rest of the stats, which could cause confusion, and make it more difficult for the casual gamer to see which stat they’re looking at, without being forced to read the tiny text accompanying the icon.

And then there’s the issue of size. If you made “End” into an icon of the same size as “Str”, the “R” in Str would probably be touching the “E” in End, making it difficult to discern one from the other.

I just don’t think the Icons really add anything but potential confusion to the menu. The non-icon version of the menu looks awesome… sure, having icons would be “neat” (in that most games don’t do that), but is that worth compromising the ease of use of having letters that clearly spell out the stats, without having to interpret a simple icon or trying to read teeny-tiny letters next to an icon?

Every icon was already made, but kammedo is a lazy b*st**d and only tried inserting two of them :P. There are also other text variants I don’t think kammedo tried.

It’s endurance ^^U, I guess Res would be better, anyway, the translations used aren’t the final ones (but you sure know it ;P).

My opinion… well, I don’t know what to decide actually, I like the icons a lot, but plain text may be easier to read, although when you play the game the screen is bigger and they are more recognisable. Whatever… Tropicon made a great work with the graphical work.

BTW, kammedo, I already told you, but I’ll repeat it :P, it’s better if you make these polls as actual polls, that way lazy people could post their vote without having to type :P.



I’ve modified the thread to be a poll, hopefully this way more people will participate.

Text, definitely. The icons only really serve to confuse, I hate to say :confused:

I’m temporary sticking the post so it gets more attention and is more visible.

I think it could be nice to have polls so people can actively help on the translations and the forum ;).

I would like text actually, i don’t really know (since i’m not a haxxor like you guys:P) but what i see is that it’s gonna collide if you choose icons it would right now look something like this:


and frankly i can’t read that kind of japanese ;O