My original idea was drawing my sign, Sagitarius, but I always get proportions wrong when drawing men. Then I thought of Virgo. But Virgo literally means virgin. When I think of a virgin girl, the only think that would be hot or sexy can’t be displayed in a drawing here.

The funny thing is that I am very good at drawing girls, but nothing else. I took more time to get the sketch of the vase than to get Hebe drawn.

It took me some days to get that done. Yeah, I know, it is a very basic drawing, but I am slow with the pencil. I asked a few people for help with a few parts (that is, drawing the hands and, after scanning, doing the coloring) - but I got none, making me take a few more hours to get it done. At least I used the brush in Photoshop for the first time and finally noticed the potential it has for light and shadow effects.

By the way, the bikini was a last moment addition.

Sweet Ren :slight_smile: I’m pretty good at drawing something i see, I’d be happy to draw something for you maybe from an anime or whatever. I’m a little iffy to drawing hands and feet maybe. Wish i could photoshop my picturess with the nice effects :frowning: The picture nice, though I would make some sort of standard font which i could do possibly. Sorry this has turned into a me post > _ <

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Sweet Ren :slight_smile:

Licks self

Yes, but I think it’s just the perfume XD

[quote]though I would make some sort of standard font which i could do possibly.

That font is my handwritting, there is nothing wrong with it XD

Sorry this has turned into a me post > _ <

No problem :ah-ha!:

hehe, Well i noticed it was your handwriting just i feel an image and it’s writing should be equally nifty.

Nice work, Ren! And, the secret to drawing is- practice. I used to draw a LOT, years ago. But, then I switched to writing, and I’m now rusty. But, I’m planning on drawing again soon, and posting my art for you people to see (mainly just to illustrate my stories). Hope you people will like it.

Wow, that’s really good Ren. She’s a bit thin at the waist, but not unnaturally so. The hands look well done. Her foot seems a little… something. Perhaps more of a curve on the top of her foot and less heel, but that’s just little details.

Thanks guys ^^ Specially to you, Demigod. I’ll do it better next time =)

How did you do the colouring like that? It looks very good!

I use Magic Wand and Lasso to select the area I’m going to color, then I use the Brush in the basic tone. Depending on what I am coloring, I may pass the Brush repeatedly (as I did in the hair) or get a subtly lighter/darker hue and pass the brush where I want light effects (the skin).

I was trying filling tools with the vase, though.

Edit: I use sizes 75 and 300 with the brush, and I use the one that is blurry on the edges.