I Didnt win a contest! Merlin and I made it all up! MAN YOU GUYS ARE TOO EASY!!!

Joke’s on you, Drakengard sucked.

As if I would care.

Ok. It sounds like it was a joke. Whiever fell for that crap was stupider than heck.

Yeah, hey waitaminute…YOU’RE NOT BLUEMAGE! IMPOSTER! D:<

Was that when you guys apologized for doing such a bad April’s Fools joke when in reality you hadn’t done anything and the real joke was that you were apologizing for a joke that you didn’t do?

EDIT: I think I’m mixing the years though…

Why do you do this?

Two bluemages in one thread? wow my ears are deceiving me!

Trillian, I want to make sweet sweet love to your sig pic.

I told you guys Kero was a furry. BUT NO, YOU DIDN’T BELIEVE ME.

He said SIG not AVATAR sillyhead ^___^

You dared to lie about a game with dragons? Heresy!

Necrophiliac then.

Hey, I didn’t believe Kero when HE told me.

that was the year before.

I think the best part of this one was when we planned on posting screenshots and stuff as if to prove that Charle actually got the game. I don’t remember if we were too lazy to actually do that though.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/shrines/snes/eb/images/enemies/aprilfools.gif”>