Is their another way to get Apocalypse magic on Final Fantasy 8 without drawing it from Ultamecia?

Not that I know of, and it’s crap anyway, Ultima x 3 (triple + 3 stars) is faaaaarrrr better.

No kidding hot shot but I didn’t ask for a better spell. I asked for another way to get Apocalypse. I can’t exactly equip Ultima to two junctions.:runaway:

Besides cheating there is no other way.

Are you sure about that Sephiroth Hayes?

Look Quaz, talking to people like that isn’t going to get you any help. Please show a little more respect.

If you want Apocalypse, you’ll have to GameShark the game. It’s non-Junctionable, so there would be no reason to try and Junction it. However, if you’re going to GameShark, why not opt for high stats and skip Junctioning alltogether?

And you CAN Junction Ultima to two different stats. There’s a way to cheat the system.

EDIT: That trick works only in the JP version, sorry.

Ah well. Never mind. Thanks anyway you guys.

I’ve not only read it in the official game guide, but on the internet as well. Outside cheating, there is no way to get Apocalypse outside the final battle with Sorceress Ultimecia.

Gameshark Only. Your second best bet is to use Devour like there’s no tomorrow. 120 hours of gameplay for me and my main party is all 9999/9999 with 255 in all stats.