Anyone still play WoW?

Just curious about who is still playing and how far along you all are. Currently I have a 60 druid who is running MC almost non stop. I got my first epic yesterday Cenarion Boots, and I’m working on making a Hide of the Wild. I’ve got a slew of other characters 15-50 that I’m working on getting up to do MC too. So whats everyone else doing in the game, or have you all quit?

I’ve thought about trying it, but blizzard has turned too much into money grubbers. Most all the core of the company that made them who they are have left as a result. I don’t like supporting companies like that.

I have a 50 Shaman on Kalecgos that I really like, a good guild full of great friends, and even though we’re small and our current prospects of MC running are “eh,” there’s always ZG and the Arathi Basin rewards when it comes to epics. (Mmm. Arathi Basin.)

WoW doesn’t appeal to me. So I don’t play it. Never will, in fact.

I got to 60 and realized that the game was just getting started.
I didn’t feel like investing the time in getting all of my blue gear.
School started back up…

Those reasons combined are what swayed me away from WoW. Although, I still find it to be the single best MMORPG that has been created to date.

WoW is stilll the hottest mmorpg on the market

I dont play it. aCtually, i’m playing Neverwinter Nights online

I finally came to my senses. I play EVE Online now. :slight_smile:

Actually, Guildwars and Eve Online are “hotter” than WoW as far as rankings go. And even though I personally think WoW is better, theres no denying the ratings.

Eve Online looks more like a sci fi game

what mod/mods do you play kaiser? I recently got back into nwn and was looking for an online mod to try. Do you play a persistent one? I tried a few of the single player mods and all the ones I tried, even though they were ranked high, were pretty awful.

And city of heroes is more of a modern day hero game… But they are both MMORPGs

Hall of the Worlds is a great server

holy shit you can not possibly have just posted that

I had a 60 warrior and a 60 priest and I quit. The preist had full devout, an epic mount and even a whelpling. I also had a mana regen set for shits and giggles and people were drooling all over me to get me to do MC. People say WoW starts at lv 60. Gear farming gets dull after a while and the PvP gets repetitive and monotonous. I might start playing when the exp comes out. Might not. We’ll see.

EVE Rocks. Find a good corp yet?

I agree whole heartedly… When the expansion comes out, I’ll probably get back in just because one of my big joys with WoW was exploring the world. The expansion will give me more of my favorite aspect of the game by adding (hopefully) Northrend(sp?).

Shit dude, a bit late. I coulda sent you my battleship or something had I known, or at least a couple mils.

I wonder if my account’s still there…

I still ‘play’ WoW, which is, run an instance once in a while with my 60 hunter. I got a few lesser leveled toons but no time to devote.

To start off I’am working on my Rogue he is level 60 full ShadowCraft Set.He is allso has his epic tiger mount and horse mount.I allso have a level 40 undead mage,level 20 undead walock,and a level 20 Night Elf Druid That is what i am Doing in Wow Beside working

My mage hitted 58. I didn’t have the heart for 60. If I wanted to play waterboy, I’d be in a dumb football MMORPG. The guild I was in was great, but the game lost its appeal. Ragnarok Online forever. yarr