Anyone still play Guilty Gear?

Or at least Guilty Gear X2 for PS2?

A few friends of mine drew me into this 2D fighting gem and I’ve been an addict ever since. My primary is Bridget and Kliff, and my secondarys are Faust (EX and non) and EX I-No. I’m working on Justice and EX Johnny (for the counter) just to be a douche sometimes.

One thing I hate myself for is that I can’t use the D-pad for HCF and HCB’s to save my life. I resort to using analog, which works most of the time, but still a bitch. That, and for some damn reason, when I make a hadoken motion, I end up doing a dragon punch motion, and vice versa.

Does anyone else get down on this?


Though I play GGXX #Reload on PC. I generally only play as Dizzy, with occasional forays into Millia, Justice, and Bridget.

I do best with Dizzy; with Millia I generally win by a hair (in the later fights in Arcade Mode). Justice vs I-No is frustrating, and I’m just plain not good as Bridget.

Everyone’s gay for Bridget :3 That and plain old Sol-ing for me.

X2 was the first (and so far only) game in the series I played, but I loves it. My favorate character is Zappa - how can you not love the guy? - but my best one would have to be either Venom or Millia.

It’s fun to throw Dark Angels at people. :mwahaha:

I recently got into Guilty Gear, about a half a year ago. I imported Guilty Gear XX Slash, the newest one (which we’ll never get in the united states :/). It’s alright, but there’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay way way way too much emphasis on technical mastery, which hurts the game a lot.

If anyone’s interested, I wrote a blog about my feelings on the Guilty Gear series in my blogspot (linked in my sig).

My main is Axl, but I dabble in Ky, Faust, and Dizzy (cos my friend wanted to learn Dizzy, so I learned some shit with her and taught him, heh).


Funny. I learned up on Dizzy too, just to counter a friend of mine.

I like doing this… Foward Hard Slash (launch the opponent in two hits), Jump Cancel, Slash, Air Dust. Five Hit Combo and leaves you time to set up a fish or electric bolt thingy.

Oh, and her EX ‘counter’ is really REALLY sneaky because it looks the same as her Respect. Get enough tension up, make sure your opponent knows you can pull it off whenever you damn well feel like, and start bluffing with the Respect.

On that note, you can do her counter (or in non-EX, her hole-in-ground thing) by just doing three HCF’s and punch. Crackmonkey-ed, yes. Effecticve, double that.

I’d really like to get my hands on #Reloaded for PC because I want to try some of the new bridget moves. Like how Maitence Tragedy hits up close and almost instantaneous as soon as you perform it. That, and you can summon the god damned bear-onna-bike in midair.

For the record, I hate Ky Kyske.