Anyone remember the books we loved as a teen?

This guy did.

I enjoyed the page at least, because goddamn that’s pretty much what some were.

Some are okay (the Dune one was true, but not that good), but some are fucking sublime (Mary Sue’s First Dragon).

Dune. “Stop with this one, you’ll be better off”. So true :stuck_out_tongue: I barely understood the plot of Dune Messiah(though granted, it was pretty cool once I read the summary on Wikipedia).

Haha, wow. Of course, I still haven’t read George RR Martin, and I only just read the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever, but the rest were pretty spot on, if I was a cynical bloke. Good find :slight_smile:

I remember reading the Golden Compass back in the day (around middle school). The whole His Dark Materials trilogy was kinda weird (especially the last book whose name I always forget). Killing/fighting angels and massive dimension-traveling? Really? Took me a while to figure out what the fuck was going on.

Knights who say “Fuck”, heh. Coincidentally I’m reading [strike]J.R.R. Tolkien[/strike] G.R.R. Martin these days. Let’s just say female characters (with the exception of tomboy Arya) and sex scenes are not his strong point. Plant some trees with your 'seed", guys, sheesh.

I’ll have to somewhat agree - I think Cersei is an awesome support character, but she basically acts like a robot with a mother complex in a woman’s body. The female characters that he does write well, IMO, are Catelyn <strike>Tully</strike>Stark and Brienne, but they’re both dead D:

I’m finishing the second book. I have a vibe that Catelyn gets treated a bit like “oh, them mothers don’t understand grand games of war lol”. It’ll be a shock to me though if Edmure doesn’t get his ass handed to him if. Didn’t know Cat and Brienne die. Brienne shows promise as long as she remains alive.

I agree about Cersei. Part of it is that she doesn’t get her own POV chapters and she’s both estranged from and antagonistic to Tyrion, who’s the closest main character to her.

Sorry, I thought you read all of them :frowning: Luckily, you still won’t know when until he surprises you with it! Cersei does get her own POV chapters after a while, but she’s still an attractive robot with a mother complex.

Nah, it’s okay. If I can’t take the heat, don’t read the spoiler.

The funny part is that I began reading them* because I didn’t want to bother with Tom Jones’ (not the singer’s) small fonts and it turns out the British edition of book 2 has the same font size as Tom Jones.

*I had read the first, but didn’t want to jump into book 2 with 800 pages of half-forgotten content escaping me.

edit: For the record, the Tyrell grandma is fantastic and hilarious.