anyone remember me?

the message says all… i wasn’t sure if my name was still here or not… but i guess it is…

i’ve been inactive for awhile… but i’m glad to be back… :slight_smile:

You only had one post I don’t think anyone here would remember you, silly.

maybe if i was actually in here more i think…


Sorry no.

Nope, =\ sorry.

As you only had one post before, I doubt anyone, even a celebrated memory man such as myself, would remember you that vividly.

Still, nonetheless welcome back, though. :slight_smile:

I do.

I remember the name.

Should we?


I remember your avatar… but that’s about it… anyways, Hi ^^



Can’t say I do.

Don’t know you.


Sorry don’t remember you a bit.

Why are people who’ve only been here for the better part of two months saying “Nope, never heard of you,” as if they’re veterans who’d know a regular from so long ago? >>;; Not that he’s a regular, but I’m just saying >>; You’ve been here for two months <<; You know NOTHING >>;;

I think I KINDA remember you, but that usually means you annoyed my somehow in the past, so let’s just act like I have no fucking cxlue who you are.

Hey Val, do you remember me? :):slight_smile: And I’m sorry I never ran into you Maverick, hopefully I will this time around. ^.^;