Anyone recognise this? Car-punching.

That’s friggin’ awesome. Anyone know what anime series this is from?

i have no clue…but its from the same makers as kikiader and cyborg 009 cuz the animation stlye is the same… :thinking:

The series is called Midori no Hibi, I think it has 1-12 eps.

Yes, it does contain few actions for the first few(1…2?)…and then romancy-stuff cuz he can’t use his hand.
Huge let-down cuz I thought it was an action anime :hahaha;

wait does his hand not work cuz he punched a fricken car…cuz if thats the case i have no pity for him… :no2:

Well, you should because he wasn’t expecting his hand to turn into a girl overnight :mwahaha:

woah woah woah…i would so not be complaining if my hand turned into a girl…i mean lets be serious…instead of a using a hand do rub the walrus…you now have agirl…attached to your hand at beckon call… :booster:

Okay, that replaces Koni-chan on my “Most fucking odd thing ever” list.

Dude…I would masturbate 24/7 :stuck_out_tongue:

im glad im not the only honest one :victoly: i mean come on guys…lets be honest…your hand is now a girl…thats what i thought…oh and wtf can the guy punch thru a car anyways?

Having your hand turned into a girl isn’t too realistic either…

By the way, his hand didn’t turn into a girl for no reason…There’s some wack story behind it, but I think you guys should check it out yourselves :slight_smile: Here’s another pic:

Seiji(yellow hair) waking up with Midori(green hair) replacing his hand

i think i will even tho it’ll be a friggin whore to find… :fungah:

Heehee, I remember that show.

I wanna see that.

i wanna see it too but i cant find it anywhere…and i dont wanna blow however much on a box set if i dont even know if ill like it

Is posting link allowed here…?(The anime is a licensed one)

Well, just in case it’s not allowed, I put it in spoiler.

As I said, the anime is licensed (and undergoing horrible dubs), so I don’t even know if anyone is still seeding it. I checked one just now, only one person was seeding(100%).

By the way, there’s a preview(26mb) too :slight_smile:

PS: You need Bit Torrent(or Bit tornado, I use that, you still need Bit torrent though) to download…

i guess thats where iget screwd for anime idk what bit torrents are…

oh…kay…that’s gotta be the weirdest anime thing I’ve heard of lately. õ.o

The car-punching is awesome, though. ^^

I downloaded a couple of volumes of the manga. It’s pretty much like what you’d expect from a story about a boy who gets a girl for his right-hand to replace his uber-punching one (Devil’s Right Hand it’s called). Cue usual plotlines about how he can’t fight anymore and romance etc etc. Strangely enough in the manga the girl didn’t seem too phased by being on someone’s hand.