Anyone played Star Ocean: Until the End of Time yet?

Dunno if it has came out yet…but Jesus this game looks awesome…I practically peed in my friggin pants when I saw the commercial. IF ANYONE plays this game before me…make sure you reply to this post and tell how it was. I REALLY REALLY want to play this game.

It isn’t too bad. The first 45 mintues or so are sort of boring though since it is a lot of walkign around and story bits. The battle system is fun though. I don’t know what it is, but I liked SO2 more. After the first 45 mintues, it becomes more typical RPG flare (in a good way).

I’m nearing the end of it. The first disc is a little slow at times, but once you hit the second… well, the game starts to shine. The plot twist near the end is just… odd.

Man, I have 44 trophies and I’m nowhere near as far as you, heehee.
just left Peterny

But it’s fun once you get the hang of it, it was really hard for me to get into though since I hated the battle system at first, but once I got the hang of it it’s pretty cool.

I just picked it up yesterday. And I am at the evacuation shelter. I know its not very far but I really dont have too much time for video games with work and all. But anyway, this game from what I have seen is very nice. I recommend it to all in favor a good RPG.

Am I the only person here who hated SO2 solely because of it’s battle system? Combining 3D arenas and 2D sprites = the awful.

But yeah, I’ll probably pick this up when it’s released anyway. I’m weak.

I love it. Even though I’m not too far yet (In the mines after you escape the prison), I’m still having fun.

My only real complaint right now, is that early monsters gave shit for EXP. I mean…5 for something that has over 2k hp…ugh.

Oh well!

I just started it up last night, I’ve had the game for three weeks… yeah the first bit of the game seems like it’s dragging, on, and on… But the battle system is still as good as it has always been, maybe better…

Although I miss being able to use four characters in battle.

And I absolutley adore the game… oh yeah, and Fayt is hot! :kissy:

You have to get Bonus Battles for the enemies to really be worth anything. And it’s not just you; EXP is a constant problem throughout the game, and levelling up is hard.

I didn’t like SO2 much, so I’ll likely end up skipping out on this one.

I started, Nel is a very cool character…I hope I can keep her in my party most of the game. I expected the private action system to be more detailed, but it seems it’s been dumbed down from SO2. Yeah, experience points are weak in the early going, but pick up considerably after the first few areas. I was concerned that I was levelling too quickly, but I don’t think that will be the case.

There’s quite learning curve with the game, as there was with the first Star Ocean. For example, to view an items statistics you have to click the square button…instead of the data just being displayed as you hover over it. Poor utilization of the screen space in the camp screen…in the battle menu, items have a popup description, I wish they did this everywhere. Also, when equipping your character, you don’t know what stats are being increased until after you equip the item; no before and after stats are displayed. The layout of the camp screen is probably the worst I’ve ever seen, but I’ll get over it.

The invention system seems very tedius, I hope I can get away without using it. I didn’t bother with any of the crafting in SO2, and probably won’t this game either if I dont’ have to. Inventory management = hate.

I had my doubts during the first few hours, everything was disgustingly cliche at first. But things really picked up.

Got it the first day it came out. It’s great. :victoly:

I was going to see if it would show up in Blockbuster or Video Rental stores, but God I didn’t have any luck…I guess I am those type of people where I have to actually TRY the game out before I buy it. Thats what makes me choosy…however I would take yall’s word for it. Thank you everyone

I played the first Star Ocean game a year or so ago, and I loved it. I never got the chance to play SO2, but I’ve had my eye on the newest one for quite some time.

Once I get the money, I’mma try and nab it.

It looks great in every aspect except the character models, which look like trash. I dont understand how the “3d Anime” thing could have gotten worse, I mean Xenosaga did a damn fine job of it, and then that Crimson Tears game (however much it sucked ass, still looked pretty) then this game… it just makes me sad.

Oh well, being an Art student I get ticked off about certain things, especially when the standard is set high above what we recieve.

Differnt Sorces say 1st October to 4th oct. One says the ID and 3D Realms line, “It will be out when it’s done.”

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It also the Same Day Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Greens is said to come out.