Anyone need....

…a new online comic? Just wondering how many people here read <a href=“”>the clownsquad.</a> Laughing at the name? You shouldn’t. At least not if you hated clowns as a child… or were scared by the movie “It”. I think this comic is a gem though.

No, and no.
I read too many webcomics already: Like sixty of them. And clowns are stupid.

I, too, read more webcomics than shoukd be humanly possible. However, I might just check this one out next time I’m aching for something new to read.

I read one. >> But I don’t need another addiction. >> I reeeally don’t.

I’m scared of clowns.

Oh, I think it’s definately worth checking out. It has evil clowns. Angst. And Ninjas. <<;

There are way to many fucking webcomics.

(stupid 10 character limit grar)

I suppose I’ll read some of the comics on there, but I stand by my “Too Many Fuckign Webcomics.”


i have a good web comic, its called
“Guys who make witty comments about video games they play” and can be found at:

I also like “Japanese RPG style adventure story told with video game sprites from 10 year old games” and can be found at

Another good one is “Ninja Shit” and can be found at

I also like “Some weird Furry comic that would make Ron Jeremy blush” and can be found at

Oh wait, i hate web comics…

BlueMageOne… you’re my hero.