anyone know where i can find a great site to purchace arcade parts?

for xmas, my uncle got his girlfriends dad to make me and my brother a cocktail table arcade, cuz he makes furniture and shit. and he got us a set of 33 DVDs filled with like every video game ever made up to n64. its pretty much the best gift i’ve ever heard of. but I have to buy all the other stuff, the controls, the monitor, graphics, and all of dese tings. not that i’m complaining, he’s saving me thousands of dollars. so I’m looking for some awsome parts to buy, when i have money, since i spent every single dime i had on present for everyone. so yeah, a couple weeks from now, when i’m rich again. i’ll be in the market for some arcade stuff. so yeah, show me links. cuz i cant find any super awsome sites. thanks pallies.

i was hoping for a website with a wide variety of joysticks and buttons, and maybe monitors and glass.

Just so i understand, he gave you the frame? Whats inside of it? Will you need to build the actual gaming part?

Inside is nothing. I have to pretty much put everything inside. he gave me all the wooden parts.

Here’s a few more links that you may find helpful as well:

…and a book:

Happy hunting :moogle:

Google for “Homemade MAME cab” or “build MAME cab”.

You’ll find tons of people who were in the same situation as you, however, most of them used stand-up cabinets instead of cocktail.

There’s a physical store in Denver that has all that shit, in large quantities, however, they do not appear to have a website, and I don’t know if they do mail order type things… I could ask, but the long distance bills for calling them could be hell.

I could possibly look into that, as Denver is local for me:)

That’s actually really bad ass. Cocktail machines rock.

yeah it is, i’m so surprised he did that. and I asked for links to websites that have the shit, not ways to find the websites. I dont want to look for them myself.