Anyone here like Jigsaw Puzzles?

I’m not too wild about 'em, personaly, but I was recently pointed in the general direction of this page that is home to a program that lets you upload images and make puzzles out of 'em. I found it nifty. Perhaps you guys will too.

I love Jigsaw puzzles. Especially the fuckin’ huge 1000-piece ones you only seem to be able to get in Hartlepool. They’re awesome.

Woo! Puzzle! Puzzle! Round ones! We have… five of those, I think. Once I mixed all of them up in a big pile because I had finished them separately so many times. I think I finished one upside down, too! Yay jigsaw! :slight_smile:

I do enjoy jigsaw puzzles, cant do them often, cats you know.

Sometimes I have no interest in Puzzles, and sometimes I forgo food and sleep to finish them until someone drags me away from it. God bless an adfdictive personality.

I did some huge, 12 hour, puzzle a few days after Christmas. I had little else to do.

I once did a 3-D Puzzle of a dragon. It ended up about 3 feet tall.

I built a 3-D puzzle of Notre Dame a while ago, but the damn French I kids destroyed it.

I’ve done many a 3D puzzle, as noted by that thread from a while ago with pictures from my New York City completed puzzle. Also, Kagon can attest to the fact that our dorm room had a grandfather clock and a cuckoo clock thanks to me.

I never done a 3D jigsaw puzzle, but I love a good 2D jigsaw puzzle. Whenever my family is working on one together, my dad always says I have eagle eyes when it comes to jigsaw puzzles.

Anyone here like Jigsaw Puzzles?
No, I don’t like things that <i>suck</i>.


That’s a cool link, GG. I’m sure my mom will like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I like Jigsaw puzzles, especially the 3D ones. I did Notre Dame too, the Victorian houses and the Bavarian castle. The clocks looked interesting as well, but I never got around to buy those. I’d like to do a 10000 2D pieces one day, but there isn’t enough space here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Merl isn’t funny, though I suppose it’s just because I didn’t get the subtle joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

Never finished a 1000 piece puzzle before. Cats like cardboard too much. ^^