ANyone here have a Nokia cellphone?

If so, you’ll LOVE this site…

must get nokia cell phone

I wish

Cell phones are the devil. They send radiation into your brain, and the government and Bill Gates use them to watch your every move. Why do you think they started adding cameras? starts making aluminum foil hat and places hangers all around ceiling

I love my cell phone, but it’s not a nokia.

Aww, no Metroid theme.
Edit: Yes. And Zelda theme too.

I have a Nokia, but how do I put ring tones on my phone?

Originally posted by JFGemini107
I have a Nokia, but how do I put ring tones on my phone?

Click the icon to the right of the title…it has instructions on how to program it into your phone.

Oh, and on another note, I was able to program the Eternal Champions theme into a friends cellphone using nothing more than a MIDI in Presto Arranger. :slight_smile:
(EC is one of his favorate games.)

Have a look at the place where I live. OF COURSE I HAVE A CELLPHONE!

…And I rarely use it :stuck_out_tongue:

As for ringtones… :noway: I use a defaut one these days… if I get REEEEEEALLY bored… I pick another default. Maybe I’ll have a look into those things again one day…

I have a Nokia. But I’m quite content with my ringtone…

The SoM ringtone sucks =/

Edit : No SC or WC2 ringtones. Bah. Doom Ringtones owns.

Nokia is crap, they explode.

And I like my Siemens.