Anyone heard Fozzy? (Chris Jerhico's band)

Yeah, THAT Chris Jerhico.

I figure that since metal has been a theme of the main forum, I’d throw in my two cents on Fozzy. Former WWF Wrestler Chris Jerhico’s band with members of Stuck Mojo. They have some of the best covers I’ve heard, and their original stuff is pretty good with With the Fire, Happenstance and To Kill a Stranger. Jerhico’s a pretty good vocalist. He’s got an awesome tone to his voice. Not technically amazing, but with some training, he could be.

HAH! Yeah, I remember when they released their first album. Chris Jericho was on muchmore music saying about how all the cover songs were originals and the other bands copied them! They’re not a horrible band but I haven’t heard any of the originals.

Check out those songs I listed- To Kill a Stranger, With the Fire, Happenstance, Crucify yourself. They got some fucking killer songs.

They’re still around. They’ve dropped that moniker and are just recording and playing songs like any other band. They dont do many covers anymore.

On a tangent I’ve read somewhere the Hulk Hogan album was hilariously, mind-breakingly fun.

Isn’t Jericho supposed to be on Celebrity Duets? No contest, man. :smiley:

if this is any indication, i’ll skip 'em

Pretty shitty song and music video until he jumped off the building with the guitar solo playing.

I should have watched past halfway then.

Nah, it didn’t happen until the last 10 seconds. You didn’t miss much.

No. That is not a good indication. That was the theme song for a PPV that was out arount the time that album came out, so it had to sound a bit more mainstream.

There. Listen to it.

Ya I saw Chris Jerhico and his band perform live at one of the WWE live shows. The band wasn’t bad, but some of the people I was around was like “What a fuck tard get him off stage” lol and one of them was my father. Anywho thats the only time I herd them. Better check out what they got out now.

Those tracks are decent. I wouldn’t buy his albums, but the second video was hilarious and I remember seeing it when it first came out.