Anyone got some good pics of Yoshimitsu?

I like, need a couple, I cant find any really good ones. I would prefer the white han-nya type mask costume, cuz all his other masks would be WAAAAAAAAAAY to hard to make. anyway, thanks pallies.

oh yeah, its for my halloween costume.

Tekken Yoshimitsu or SC Yoshimitsu?

Try I don’t know how they are with loads of images, but it seems to be the most official tekken site i can find…plus I’m not a big Yoshimitsu fan so I don’t know the type of mask youre looking for since I don’t really pay much attention to him :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got the SC2 Yoshimitsu in Desktop Format if you want that. (Art Gallery from the game)

Sc yoshimitsu

this one if possible

I dont remember if he has a different costume with a similar mask.

And Xelo, if you have one of those wallpaper of a close up of his face, like those other ones, I would be in your debt.

In SC2, he had his second costume with the four masks, but…

Just as long as you say : “It is I…Yoshimitsu!” or “I shall assist your suicide!”