Anyone else here play PC shmups? (shooters)

I’ve recently became (moreso) addicted to shmups, (Top down shooters, Schmups, Shoot-em-ups, space games, etc.)

I’ve realized and downloaded a large amount of awesome freeware shmups, mostly japanese made, i’m just wondering if anyone else here plays these games.
ABA games, (games by Kenta Cho) these were the games that started me playing the PC version. I highly suggest you download and try Noiz2sa and Tumiki Fighters, both games are fun and worthy enough to have money spent on them, luckily, theyre free!.
There are some very nice games here. (including the ones mentioned above) some are better than others. But its best to try them all to see which ones suit your style.

lastly, and most importantly:
Warning Forever!
I’ve been playing this game nonstop for a while now, and its only 700kb, so theres absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t download it. It’s a different take ont he usual shmup, but its a very welcome and strategic game.

So, anyone else have any other good PC shmups they’d like to share? (or maybe highscores?)