Any old school sequels possible?

Amano could illustrate a graphic novel (Basically a big fucking comic book)… it could be from the point of view of Shadow, going to see Realm, or it could be through ever’s point of view. Some how, through the comic, they would tell us what happened to everyone.

Say, records of Emperial executions of Returners were unearthed after the world changed back. That would tie up Banon and Arvis’s fates. Shadow would reveal who he was to Realm. Locke and Celes could get married. The returners could establish a council to govern the world, that would make sure that an empire never rose to power again. Cyan could start to rebuild doma. A mini-series would be interesting I think.

It would just be something for the fans who have stuffed their coffers full of yen. Sort of a treat. God knows I’d buy it, in all four limited edition covers.

well, they could release the story in graphic-novel form, that would be fun. But i dont know anything about square’s manga department.

a graphic-novel is basically a small book of manga… Shonnen Jump and Tokyopop are the biggest companies that make em in english.

PLUS: Getting manga from japan to the USA seems to be incredibly hard… Look at how much they have, look at how little we have.

That would be very bad ass, with the graphic novel. Perhaps they could expand the story, showing us stuff that happened in the year before FF6, and the year after.

Know what else would be bad ass? A prequel to Final Fantasy 6, where you play through the war of the Magi. I’ve always wanted to know the details of the war.

No, it’s not a crime. Eva was asking you why Squaresoft was liking the idea of a sequels for FF8 and FF9 since you seem to be saying that without any proof at all. FF7 DOES need a sequel; the ending left way too many questions unanswered.

But every other game: Sorry sequel lovers, you’re not getting it. Think for a moment. EVERYTHING is solved in the other games. What would be the point of a sequel? FFX-2 had some justification because of Tidus, but that’s it.

There’s two reasons FF7 and FFX are the only games that merit a sequel.

  1. They’re the most popular. Hands down. Probably twice as many people have played those two games as have even heard of FF6.
  2. They have loose ends that not only merit a sequel, but a game sequel where you can actually see an “all-new adventure” based around the characters. The “loose ends” you mentioned in FF6 revolve around characters’ lives, which do not necessarily translate into a game storyline.

Frankly, sequels are only worth it if the originals had a decent audience and the company thinks they can make a fair amount of money off of it. Don’t forget one other thing: FFX-2 used the exact same graphic system as FFX (sometimes shamelessly). There was very little of that kind of programming necessary. On the contrary, making a sequel to any other FF would require a complete rehaul and reprogramming. It’d be the same as making a whole new game. And basing a new game on an existing storyline which isn’t quite that popular isn’t something that translates into profit.

Just so you know, other than the FF7 and FFX sequel stuff, there has been absolutely no talk about any other sequels in the making, even 8 or 9.

I think a sequel to 6 would be cool (though I can’t really say much, since I haven’t finished the game yet)

Reviving the bad guy wouldn’t be good though. That would just make everything seem the same, even it it wasn’t. Maybe the Esper World gets a new king and this king wants to destroy the human world, so it’d be like a war between the humans and the espers. I think that would be pretty cool. And you could put all this extra stuff in there, like a rogue esper who joins your side because he thinks the king is evil, or something like that. Meh, that’s not the awesomest idea ever, but I’m sure over time some dang good ideas would come up. It would work, I think.

EDIT: I think what Locke meant was that it looks like Square might be making sequels to 8 or 9, not that he heard that they were. That’s what I got.

Well, there’s absolutely no indication of that in any way, shape, or form. FF8 and 9 were nowhere near as popular as 7 or 10.

OK maybe you’re right. I guess the ending of Final Fantasy 6 gives away basically all the futures of every character.

We can asume:

Terra continued to raise the children of Mobliz.
Locke and Celes got married.
Cyan rebuilt Doma, and the kingdom prospered.
Edgar and Sabin went back to Figaro castle, and co-ruled, as their father had wished.
Gau either went back to the veldt, or maybe moved in with Terra, Cyan, Edgar or Sabin.
Setzer probably kept flying around in his airship.
Mog, Umaro, and Gogo all went back to their 1 dimensional lives.

Mog made some little moogle babies, Umaro went back to humping rocks, and Gogo… well… i guess there a reason he/she/it’s shrowded with mystery…

Moogles reproduce A-sexually?

If they made a sequel they wouldn’t have to change all the characters and show their future they could do something else instead. I think a good idea would be to try and fix the world. They would find out that the floating island is still somewhere and if they moved the statues back the world would start to revive. They could have complications like where to find the island and how to get there.

They could have a journey into the esper world; instead of ceasing to exist, the esper world lived on in a parallel world. The esper world idea would give them a whole new planet to search.

Maybe a better way to go for the FF6 world would be a prequel that could prevent the “ruining” of the characters that people fear so greatly. Perhaps basing the story around the War of the Magi. Then, you can come up with a whole new set of characters and you have a lot of liscense to include or exclude elements of FF6. Certain characters could be around for “novelty” value such as gogo, mog (lifspan of a moogle?), umaro. Maybe a neat element would be to be able to play the game from both sides (human and esper) a la FFVIII’s interweaving stories.

Of course, George Lucas had a similar idea about prequels and look how those turned out. I just think this might be better than trying to “add-on” more story to FF6.

What ever happened to Racheal? Did Locke just give up on her?

she died

She actually died? I thought she just went back to her veggy-state.

You didn’t know…?

Actually, I guess it doesn’t make sense, what with the moogle couple that were in Burmecia in FFIX.

You know, it’s kind of sad, and kind of frightening I suppose that I would spat off a reasonably minute detail like it’s nothing I should’ve forgotten since it’s been so long since I’ve played the game…a while now, a few months at least.

About Rachel: (Oh, and it kind of means nothing when he marks his spoiler, but you react by basically blowing it;)

Yo, okay, so you see, I think the potion Locke got from the Phoenix, or whatever, lasted only for a few more moments, in which he talked to her and such, and then, well, her life ended since he didn’t have another batch of potion to put her back in her previous state. I wouldn’t know, I can’t beat Vargas in Anthology (PSX) so I basically blew the plot for myself by reading up on it before and afterwards.

All i have to say is this: Look what they did to our Precious Final Fantasy Tactics… Advance was nothing like the original as far as theme or story. I hate when square makes sequels to Final Fantasy games. FFA, I hated, and FFX-2 was just too much. Popular as FFX was, it just makes me mad, maybe cause I hate J-Pop, maybe becaues I hated the characters… Or maybe because I can’t get over the fact that square will NEVER make the games like they used to again… But for whatever reason, I say NAY to sequels on the Final Fantasy series, Front mission’s were awsome, so was Chrono Cross…

Oooh, maybe a Vagrant Story one…

Dude, just give it up.

Canadian Myst… anyone ?