Any old school sequels possible?

With the rumors of a FF7-2 at an all time high, a FF8-2, and FF9-2 are starting to look possible as well.

But what about old school Final Fantasies?

More than anything, I would love a Final Fantasy 6-2. Imagine all the things they could do; Relm finding out who Shadow is, the developement of undeveloped characters, the tying up of loose plot.

I have a whole concept of what they could do for Final Fantasy 6-2. A new empire could form, so to speak, with a puppet head. That puppet head would be partially responsible for the return of magic. Old Lore would suggest that the heroes collect four crystals, and bring on a force (haven’t thought up a good name for it) to combat the new evil.

Turns out, half way through the game, when you collect the stones, that you have resurrected Kefka. Kefka kills the head of the new empire, and Terra. That’s as far as I’ve gone with the idea. The returners then have to defeat Kefka obviously.

Kind of contrived, but I think it’s a better idea than the Final Fantasy 10-2 plot. What do you think?

FF8-2 and FF9-2? Where the hell are you hearing this? There is nothing worth elaborating on. I think you’re reading quite a bit of wishful thing. Those two games have nothing else to offer. Let them rest. Guh.

Not every game needs a sequel to be enjoyed again. If there is a sequel to FF8 I will cry. That just totally negates all of the hype that I enjoyed at the ending and makes it less important to me. “Oh yeah there’s a sequel so everything must turn out ok in the first game.”

Like, these people need to give it a rest. The same goes for the older games that had less plot depth and direction than the newer games. They were simple plots that have nothing more to go on. This sequel thing sounds retarded and is getting quite used up.

It seems to me like Square likes the idea of sequels. They are painless in a sense. You don’t have to create as many new characters, you can bring back a lot of the same music, same levels etc. Not nearly as much work, and you can still sell tons of copies. Sequels are very ideal.

FF6 had a lot of plot depth, in fact as far as storyline goes, it was the most groundbreaking of the Final Fantasy series. It tackled issues that had never been tackled before in an RPG. I would love to see a FF6-2, even if you wouldn’t.

How is Square liking the idea of sequels? They only released ONE for a game that had loose ends. The FF7 sequel is a movie, extending on the most popular FF. That’s a different case.

What does FF6 have to offer in terms of a sequel? Kekfa was a one time villain only. If you’re going to suggest the empire and Kekfa being ressurected, well that’s like playing the first game. There’s nothing new there.

And how would we jump from Super NES-era games to PS2 era games? That wouldn’t be a sequel it would somehow be a fancy upgrade. I don’t see that being true to the sequel. They barely managed to call Chrono Cross a sequel to Chrono Trigger.

Is it really a crime to want more from Final Fantasy 6? It’s a classic game. I love the characters, and I want more game. So back off. lol.

Kefka would have to come back. I just don’t see replacing him as being possible. He’s too strong of a villian. Square has proved themselves incapable of writing a villian that good ever since then. No villian has come close.

I don’t think FF6 needs a sequel. FF7 arguably has enough loose ends and plot points to make Advent Children, and Before Crisis is a prequel focusing on the Turks, who were awesome so I can forgive them it, but let’s face it X-2 had a plot more like a fanfic than anything else, even if the gameplay was great.

Let sleeping dogs lie, IMO.

Even if you want another game, doesn’t mean it should happen. I loved FF6 but let’s face it, another FF6 game with the SAME plot elements as the first is a waste of time and money. If nothing new is presented, why bother?

FF6 really isn’t old school. This was the game that started the changing of the series. Old school FF’s are really 1-5 because they used the job system which is what FF started as.

It wouldn’t be the same plot element. Is every X-men comic with Magneto the exact same? No. It should happen. If FFX deserves a sequel, then FF6 can have one.

Terra DYING would certainly spice things up, in case you didn’t see that. That’s right the main character dying and staying dead. No revivals. I think that would be an interesting plot twist.

The plot could also spill into the esper world, which they could bring back. Hell, they could have the whole game in the esper world. That would be a whole new globe worth of places to explore.

I think anymore sequels is a bad idea, and Terra dying would probably get called a rip-off of Aeris getting killed.

   I still think there's plenty that can be done with FF6. Also, I don't like not knowing what happened with the game. I found the ending very unsatisfying.

Things that need to be wrapped up:

Locke and Celes: Did they get married?
Cyan: Did he go back to Doma and rebuild it?
Shadow: Did he die? Did he run away? Did he continue living his life as an assassin? Did he tell Relm who he really was?
Gogo: Whether Gogo is someone else (Gestahl, Daryl) or just a weirdo in a worms belly, I’m sure s/he has a fascinating story that could be explored.
Banon; what happened to him?

I’m working on a fan fic about FF6, and what happened afterwards. You’re all welcome to read it when I’m done. I’m just not satisfied until everything’s tight as a drum. FF4’s ending left no stone unturned. And I’d like that with other FF games.

Maybe since square is making a movie as a sequel for FF7, they could do something else for other games? Perhaps a graphic novel for Final Fantasy 6?

X Men has a history of what, 50 years and over hundreds of characters. Comparing that to FF6 is ridiculous. Terra dying? What would that accomplish?

See, some things shouldn’t be wrapped up. They should be left to us and YES I get that that’s not good enough for some people but to make a game just to answer all of our questions would be a bad way to start out.

Like I said before. Making a very technologically advanced sequel to a Super NES would present a lot of problems. Story may be one thing but playing systems and graphics are another.

What about the graphic novel idea?

Hey, why not make Shadow the star of an action platform scroller ? We could even name it Shinobi !

OK, now you’re just being an asshole.

Maybe we could make Locke the star of a dungeon crawl… we’ll call it Rogue !

I get it dude lol

Well, pardon me if i am coming across as a smartass… I get like that soemtimes.

Making and FF7 and FF10 sequel is possible because they left it open, and probably designed the games to have sequels.

Let me use Highlander as an example. Highlander was an awesome movie, it had a likeable storyline, a main char you can understand, a villain you just loath. Well, the first movie was great, i loved it the way they wrapped it up… But then, Uh ohh, here comes Highlander 2… and they CHANGED the original story to suit the sequel… Then comes 3, which leaves out everything that happened in 2… The problem, Highlander was complete as 1 movie, and a sequel was never intended in the original production.

Whereas, FF10 was probably designed for FF10-2. FF7 was left open for FF:AC.

If they were to make an FF6 sequel, they would have to change things, and what happens when you change things ? It pisses the die-hard fans, like me and you, off VERY much. So thats why i think FF6-2 would be a bad idea…

You never told me what you’d think of a graphic novel or a mini-series or something like that. Officially endorsed by Square. Drawn by Amano. How much ass would that kick>?

What do you mean?