Any good PSP rpgs??

I’ve been looking for a good rpg for psp and i cant find one. if any body could tell me a good psp rpg it would really help me out

dont say YS-ARK OF NAPISISIM or whatever its called becuase that game sucks

Good PSP RPG? I’m not sure there are very many right now. I personally like Ys 6, but whatever, to each his own. You might want to try Monster Hunter Freedom, Suikoden 1+2 if you can get it, and uhh, I’m not sure what else. Sorry.

First of all, Ys VI doesn’t suck. However, I still wouldn’t reccomend it for PSP because the load time is so bad that it’s unplayable. Second, look for Popolocrois… if you can find it. Suikoden 1+2 is JP only.

I believe Nippon Ichi has a tactical RPG in the works for the PSP. Can’t recall the name, though.

oo wiat im sorry i beat Ys 6 and it was good, the reason i said it sucks is becuase of the loading times. its so gay. you gotta have patients to play it.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the god-awful PSP loading times, heh. Yeah, 5+ minutes between screens SUCKS.

Valkyrie Profile is supposed to be rereleased on PSP sometime this century… since I don’t have a PSP, I’m not too up to date on the happenings there.

I hear that Breath of Fire III is coming too.

There’s nothing more homoerotic than that amirite

There’s a lot of RPGs you can play on your PSP, but you need the right kind of tools wink

yeah i can get games off the computer but i dont know how to and even if i saw how to i would never get

You fail at internets. Emulation is so simple.

I win.

If you’re running the newest firmware, emulation is currently impossible.

And regardless, in case you hadn’t noticed, setz, the thread title is “any good <b>PSP</b> rpgs” not “any good SNES/NES rpgs”.

Popolocroix kind of sucks, and like Mr Saturn said, good luck finding it. If you have the ability to import or run an iso launcher, the TOP PSP remake is great, and so is the PSP Princess Crown remake. Both havn’t gotten a stateside release yet though (afaik, i don’t have my PSP anymore).

X-men Legends 2 is pretty good and it has some stuff that the console versions don’t have. Brothers in Arms 2 isn’t too bad if you like dungeon crawlers.