Any gamers with advice to give

hey this is my first post so hey to everyone, i mainly write to ask for advice about a new site i’m creating, this site is amazing and i eventually want my site to be up to its standard. its about all games for all consoles and provides reviews and info. its in early stages but any one got any tips,ideas or help to aid my cause?

Well when making any site, its important to spellcheck and keep updating, and actually finish it and stuff.

But what’s your site going to be about? FF?

Gila, if you actually read his post, then you would know what games it is going to be about (ALL OF THEM)

Buddy, I’ll give you one bit of advice. DO NOT DO THIS, unless you have A LOT of spare time. Especially if you want to do it for all games.
I would suggest that you select a genre or series, and do a site about that instead. That way you can do a few games really well, instead of trying to do every game and it ending up really poor quality.

Ok, so that was two bits of advice. Who cares.

How ambitious do you feel? Take a good look at RPG Classics, then look at the list of the staff. That’s how many people work on a site that is specifically for RPGs. If you have nothing else at all to do, then maybe, just maybe, you’ll have a chance to make a good site about ALL games ever.

You are one person, set a reasonable goal for yourself first. That is my advice.

Also, Salve! Welcome and hello! Don’t be too put off by our initial responses.

steals m.o.m’s shoes

Good luck pal. You WILL need it.

Originally posted by Heaven’s Soldier
Gila, if you actually read his post, then you would know what games it is going to be about (ALL OF THEM)

All of them, thats a lot of games! And I’m Gilga, not Gila.

…very few rpg sites get up to RPGC’s standards…and even then it takes a lot of work, time and shit to go through.

Oh sorry i didn’t mention before, its not just me working on it, theres me and three other guys,and we’re all serious about doing it, we know its hard to do everything but what i mean is every game genre. We’re not goping to bother saying anything about terrible games like Dark Summit or something. Only games that people will wnat to hear about it.

Do you still think we may have to much work on our plates?

With three of you, things maybe slightly different. But I still believe this will be an over-welming job. I agree with the others, you guys should stick to something specific, maybe a console that you all own, or a specific genre that you all enjoy. The problem is, is that there are so many other sites out there which do this sort of job oh so well ((cough) rpg classics (cough)).
Not to sound dis - heartning or anything.

Oh and hi! And welcome!

Good luck man…

Originally posted by mayorofmidgar
We’re not goping to bother saying anything about terrible games like Dark Summit or something. Only games that people will wnat to hear about it.

Ah, yes, but that’s like saying we’ll only write about films that people want to hear about, or books. How can four of you constitute overall public opinion? Even if you think Dark Summit was a terrible game, there will ALWAYS be some people out there who want to hear about it.

Plan a purpose for your site first, because it doesn’t really sound like you’ve thought it out properly. My advice is to start out small, like the others before me have said, with a specific genre or line of games.

Good luck with it! ^^

Yeah, start small. Didn’t RPGC start as just a site about FF5 ? or was it FF2 ? Damn… goes to read the site history

Heck, time is everything.
How long has RpgClassics been here. And look how long its taken to get where it is.

First of all, Welcome to RPGC.

Second, my advice is: if you’re going to do this, do it FOR FUN. Because, no matter how good (or bad) your site is, whether it’ll be popular or not is entirely up to the public… and they’re VERY fickle. Just look at the hundreds (if not thousands) of video game sites in the Net- some are good, some are TERRIBLE. Yet, the most famous aren’t always the best. So, do this YOUR way, and only for as long as YOU (and your friends) want. And if it isn’t a hit, don’t feel bad about (and if it IS a hit, don’t let it go to your head.)

That said, you CAN help your odds by a) having a special, different take on the subject, like the others mentioned (like having Monthly Themes- maybe one month you’ll focus on “games that do not offend Conservatives” or things like that) and b) advertise in as many popular places as you can (Like RPGC) AFTER you have a good site going, of course.

Good luck.

I just started working on the FFCompendium about a month ago, and I’m just beginning to realized the immense amounts of work that went into it. Good sites require hard work and lots and lots of time. Before you start anything, make sure that you’re willing to put the effort and hours into this project. I spend at least a couple hours every week sorting through FFC emails, and thats only a FRACTION of the work that the staff does.

Plus, if you DO become popular theres server costs, advertisements, viruses, etc… It doesn’t get easier once you become more established.

Its hard work trying to shove another gaming site into an already overcrowded market. I wish you luck, but expect the worst.