Any game that deals with revival?

I’m looking for a Final Fantasy game that deals with revival (Bringing somebody back from the dead) and a type of group/organization that have something to do with it. And if not, maybe a game that has something close to that?..I know…It’s a weird request. So, if there’s on out there, please let me know.

Might I say FF VII? I don’t know just reminds me of it.

Hmm, that could actually work. I’ve seen FF7: AC, but I’ve never played FF7. Could you possibly give more details on how that could work?

I dunno about a game, but Full Metal Alchemist is a great anime that deals with the issue in a very literal sense.

Is suppose the closest you can get is FFX, although the actual theme in there is not “revival”, but rather “un-death”: The clogged, stagnant cycle of life, or lack thereof. A theme that was introduced but much less developed in FFIX.

play FFX then FFX-2

I would refraim from playing X-2 but if you’re a die hard fan go for it.

I wouldn’t say FFVII deals with revival so much, as the things in there that are dead, stay dead. I think it has to do more with forgiveness, redemption, finding of the self, and sacrifice.
You might try Legend of Zelda (there’s a theme of reincarnation there across the games), some parts of FF6 (the Phoenix) and Chrono Trigger (bringing Chrono back), Secret of Mana sort of deals with it, in the theme of Life, and maybe Legend of Dragoon, as there are two instances where a character leaves and another takes that persons place, inheriting all the same roles and moves.
And of course, no game deals with “revival” better than Resident Evil :slight_smile:

I second the choice of Chrono Trigger.

By the way Terranigma is a game about reviving the continents,plants,animals, humans. And more. Large scope revival.