Antz was a considerably more thoughtful movie than A Bug's Life.

Antz was a considerably more thoughtful movie than A Bug’s Life.

Man, those movies are like, 13 years old. You bring this up now? :V

Although, I do agree with you~

I can’t even remember the difference between them… :\

and what does this have to do with Online Life? xD

Wasn’t Antz older?

Yes, Antz was more thoughtful, A Bug’s life was more kiddy.

Antz had Woody Allen. A Bug’s Life didn’t.

Otherwise it comes down to the usual differences between Dreamworks and Pixar movies.

HA! I guess i only check the online life forum when i’m drunk. Anyway, I made this thread because i found a thread made like 10 years ago where spoonybard said what i said in the title of this thread. I’m sure it was a different spoonybard but i thought it was funneh.

edit: it was a thread on a random episode.

Now it makes sense! ^^

Chris. Fucking. Walken.


Wow, I always thought exactly the same thing. But I think Bug’s Life was more popular, unfortunately…

Antz was more like for adults and bugs life for kids. So it was only natural for bugs life to get more popularity.