Anthology Trouble

Okay, here’s my problem. Whenever I play FFV; it basically works fine. However, when I go to save, weird things happen; namely, all the graphics are wrong (IE, all my character graphics are wounded, poorly coloured summoners, some of the letters are lines or just don’t show up, etc). When I leave the save menu, everything’s still broken, however, going to the world map fixes everything, unless I go to save again. I wouldn’t be surprised if I could still save, but I’d have to memorize (or write down) the entire save menu and the location of all my save files.

The only possibilities I can think of are that I’m using a PS2, I sometimes leave a PS2 memory card in (taking it out and resetting worked once, but later I took out the PS2 card and it still glitched), and the disk is scratched a bit. The most unusual thing about it, though, is that it doesn’t always happen. Generally, it happens after playing for a long time (after a few minutes). Other times, I sometimes get into a battle, and the next time I try to save it happens.

I probably could manage to at least save without proper graphics; I already copied down the menu; I just think it easier to have everything on screen instead, not to mention it’s a little unnerving. Any help?

The PS2 has some problems with some PS1 games. Don’t worry, it is normal and theer isn’t really anything that you can do about it, except to play on a PSOne os original Playstation. Mine does the same thing, but my saved data is still fine. MGS also has a similar problem that is sort of hard to describe.

Huh. That’s really odd. I’ve played my FF Anthology on PS2 several times without trouble. You should test the game, PS2 and memory card separately.

Go into your PS2’s configuration and turn off all of the enhanced options. That’ll fix you’re problem. It’s happened to me too.

It does it with FFVII as well I believe. MSG1 also gets blacked-out to buggery. And the PS2 was supposed to improve PS1 games. Pshaw.

I turned it on once whist Playing FF7, It messed it up the Menu/Pictures Screens.

The only games I’ve seen the PS2 run perfectly were Chrono Cross and Vagrant Story. With Chrono Cross, the load time was cut significantly, with no weird graphic changes or anything.

It worked ok on the enhanced mode until: “ba-da-da-ta-da”- Victory! and it went funny

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happened to me too just keep exiting out and back in and eventually it will be fine. It’s not a big problem just an annoyance.

My PS2 resets PS1 Modes to Normal the rest of the time.

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Tinkering with the PS1 settings on my PS2, what does Disk Speed and Smooth Graphics do ? i have noticed no change in any of the games i play.

If memory serves, Disk Speed is just a way to tell the PS2 that it needs to work faster…usally the common way to deal with DVD as they are read slower than a game and Smooth Graphics is a way to improve image quality. At the cost of speed

Smooth Graphics: It only noticable when you summon ‘Choco\Mog’ You can ‘read’ the headband and the ‘BOOM’ isn’t Blocky on the PAL Version. I should point out that my Tele is cheep and noitcably bends FFX’s Next move bar to the top middle at the top. And the screen regually bends on some games.

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I do have a Exelent Sony TV which I use when My perents are out.