Another strange ad by Sony

If they wanted to show an alien, they could just’ve used the good old grays. Or green men from Mars.

Be fair, that ad’s about 8 years old!

Holy shit that brings back memories. I love old nostalgic ads.

Okay, couldn’t understand about half of what she said, but that was…interesting.

If we find out sony is “The Orphanage” I will not even be a little suprised.

Okay, I must ask…“The Orphanage”? >.>

There’s this secret society that posts ads with radical overtones in a newspaper in Tuscon, with very complex linguistic and mathematical puzzles in them, with the goal of solving the riddles to find out who, where, is posting the adds; the true identity of a person or organization going by the name of “The Orphanage.”

Check it out on this site.

That girl’s head was oddly shaped…

Say it ain’t so.