Another RPGC Meet

1: Who can host this sucker
2: Who would go?
3: Let’s get the wheels turning, guys.

I could probably go to one out on the East Side, which I represent.

I could go but I couldn’t host. And this is assuming it’s soon. I’m on the east coast, and I could make one in the south or the north.

I can host in Nebraska just show up man lets go

Seriously though, I’ll go as long as it’s in Lincoln. And as long as I can tackle someone 1/4 my weight on a concrete slope.


Only if zepp attends will I consider attending as well.

Euro meetup. My current place has beds for everyone and their friends!

I can host in Texas in October if anyone wants to come, just let me know. I’ve got plenty of room, so it isn’t an issue (3 bedroom/2 bathroom place all to myself). It’s have to be October though since I’ll be gone all of September and November is a questionable month right now. But yeah, if you guys wanna come over, just let me know. I’m in El Paso, TX, so…yeah.

Charlemagne drinking game bonanza in this here thread

I’d so go to that just for an excuse to visit Greece and the rest of the Mediterranean. And then we can discuss all things weird.

But more seriously, if you ever cross the pond, throw me an e-mail.

Well, I’ve already gone across the country more than once this past summer to visit internet friends (quite a few of which are college age), so I guess I could go as long as I had the money for it on time. <:U

At this point, if I actually went, I would feel the same way Mr Belding felt when he found out he was the only returning character on Saved By The Bell: The New Class.