Another moron on ebay

PSP Box Auction

Once again someone made the stupid mistake of buying something off of ebay without fully reading the description. If you just click on the link and look at the price, you figure it just some guy buying a PSP for 200 dollars. Except that changes if you read the page headline or the text describing the item that reveals it for the box only! Not suprising the person who bought the item choice to not pay.

Very dumb.

What would be of us smart people if it weren’t for the dumb ones we exploit?

I’m pretty sure we don’t need a thread everytime there’s an idiot on the internet.

Yeah, we have enough threads about the people that post here already. :chupon:

This happens all the time. Its not like those ebay-wacko ones with “rofl waffles” or whatever.

I remember the guy who tried to sell one of his kidneys on there too. If we had a thread for every time someone on the internet was being retarded then we would have millions of threads

What kind of dipshit buys a box for 200 some dollars? Damn some people are stupid.

He didn’t pay, and got negative feedback for it check the winners feedback.

He probably just bid like that to piss the guy off…

Actually, looking at the bid history, there were a couple of mule accounts that really shot the price of it up.

I thought You just needed 2 morons just drive the price to 200.

My Mum thought I was an Idiot buying Star Ocean 2 (English PAL) for €90, when you pay over €100 every else.

Meh, what’s new?

Feh, people get duped like this all the time.

you shouldn’t argue with dumb people though. as has been said before, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.