another damn n00b: me


just wanted to say that i joined this forum. don’t know what else to say…

ask me questions or just insult me so that i have something to respond to!

Hey, welcome. If you want to see how not to act, go look at all of the locked threads made by Dragons Revenge. But hey anyway. Like the avvie.

Hello and welcome. :wave:

two replies in 5 minutes! you’re fast :moogle:

i’ll do my best not to break any rules!

Woo FF5! Welcome!

We have no lives at these boards. We live to post.

((Some of us, at least.))

living to post… where have i ended up???


And so forth. Welcome.

I remember when I joined; I said the exact same thing about fast replies. I was such a lame-newbie. I frown upon my actions. That being said, hello there.


Also hi ^^


I have a penis :open_mouth:

does the welcome dance

Welccome to “I’m a stupid moron who can’t remember his lines” dot com! Anyways, I’m Strong Bad … and you don’t know it yet, but I’m da reason you’re here. Check me out! … no, seriously, check me out!

I’m Yar Kramer. I’m the welcoming committee.

And we’re the rest of the welcoming committee, MISTER Canison.

HIIIIIIIIII!!!1111111elevenses [glomps Canis and starts licking his soul]

I am Seraph, Guardian of de Oracre. I wirr greet you properry, but first I must aporogize.

I’m Mayl. I attack people with my mallet and randomly quote Arfenhouse whilst doing so.


equips KWG-FTL600

… WTF?


:ulty: W00T.

anyone who has played ACSL will know what it is. It is one of my favorite weapons: the right arm mounted flamethrower.

I know ASL, but what does the C stand for? :smiley:

Outta here! [shoves Smith aside] Anyways … I forgot to do this earlier, but have a free Munak, and I’ll throw in a Bongun for good measure.

4th line in sig. It is a great (though recently taken out of print) mech combat game for PS2. starts hearing the theme from Megas XLR in head

Nice to meet you

Waaa, I hope I’m not too late! Here, I made some cake!