Another crappy Flash movie!

Okay, no it isn’t. I swear to you it isn’t. It’s actually a fan movie using footage from Kingdom Hearts 2, Advent Children, Final Fantasy 10, Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry: 3 and Samurai X (I think…O.o). I saw it and I just had to show it to you guys.

Click on “Advent Kingdom” by Blonde Unknown

If you don’t like Linkin Park, then don’t bother.

I really don’t, sorry. But I have to comment on your avatar. 'Tis sweet.

Oh…this video…I’m sorry, they raped Deep Dive & Another Side, Another Story by putting Linkin Park in there…so…no…but your avatar DOES kick ass.

(I do kingdom Hearts 2 Research, which is why it offends me)

Uh, degree deodorant? The fuck?

it’s one of those crazy sites where they play an ad before the actual video. Just look to the right for a Download Trailer link.

edit after watching;

Apart from a few nice touches (the lyrics beginning when Cloud and the clone’s swords strike, the switch between Kingdom Hearts 2 and Samurai X where Riku’s Keyblade flies forward and Kenshin ‘grabs’ it) it was deeply mediocre and the composition was pretty bad. I can easily think of at least two Linkin Part songs and several different juxtapositions of scenes that would have fit far better.

:stuck_out_tongue: I knew that, i swear.

Anyway, it wasn’t really that good. I should give you credit for being able to make it not suck, considering the very small amounts of footage you had to work with, but actually, it seemed like they didn’t know how to overcome this and just threw in random footy of other square games. It wasn’t good, just another action-scene-vid with crappy pop music put to it. But i’m more familiar with AMVs than Game MVs, so i can’t really judge it against other vids with game footy, but compared to the really good AMVs, this was pretty bad :stuck_out_tongue: