Another Collectors Package?

I’ve heard many rumors, and wondering if one of you guys knew the truth.

I’ve heard rumors Final Fantasy 3 will be re-released, and remastered for the DS… I find this highly impropable.

I’ve also heard that there will be another 2-disc set package, with FF3, and Mystic Quest… I hope this happens…

Also, about the Square-Enix merge thingy… Enix made Dragon Warrior, right? Maybe they’ll re-release the original 4 Dragon Warriors? It’d be so fucking cool.

Well, gamespot has FF3 for the DS listed on their’ site, and so does IGN, so I guess it is coming to the DS.

But I have heard nothing of teh FF3 + MQ package. However, the fact that it would be two-disc implies it would be PS1, since both of those games could, if remastered, make it on one DVD no problem (hell, FF Origins was a one-disc set!), so I find it quite unlikely.

As for the Dragon warriors, didn’t they already start work on then cancel remakes of them? I know they did with 4, or at least one of them…

With 4?! Wow, that was the best, too.

Exactly, I was meaning that it would be for PSone… so I guess it’s only for the DS? That sucks, majorly.

You mean the DWIV remake for the Playstation? That was actually completed, but the game was never released here because the company set to do the North American localization (HeartBeat) went out of business. The Japanese version was released, though.

In conclusion…

Final Fantasy III (the original FF3, not FF6) is being remade for Nintendo DS. That is true.

The FF3/MQ thing is completely unsubstantiated. It’s just a baseless rumor at this point (Honestly, I doubt that MQ will ever be re-released. It’s an OK game, but I’m sure Square wants to forget it ever existed).

The first 4 Dragon Warriors have all already been re-released. Hell, the first FIVE Dragon Warriors have been re-released. (DW1&2 have been remade on the Super Famicom and Gameboy Color, DW3 has been remade on the Super Famicom and Gameboy Color, DW4 was remade on the Playstation, and DW5 was remade on the PS2). Only the Gameboy Color remakes have made it to America, though. Shame too, because the DW4 and DW5 remakes were supposedly super-awesome (as the first three remakes were).

…DW4 was remade on the Playstation…

Fwoah, it did? Is it avaliable in the West?