Another boring and insipid thread

I’m going to buy a GBA SP tomorrow + a game, might get two depending on the cost.

So, anyway, any suggestions, and I don’t like MMBN, so don’t even try that.

Castlvania somthing of Disonance. or whatever the new one is.

<img src=“”> Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis (if you can find it, I seriously doubt it.). Otherwise the 3 Castlevania games (Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance and Aria of Sorrow) are solid choices. I’ve never liked Golden Sun 1 and 2 much myself, but SOMEONE is recommend them, so I might as well put it here. Also, Metroid Fusion is pretty good.

I was thinking about Knight of Lodis, personally, but if they have Super Dodgeball Advance (even rarer than KoL), I’m getting that no questions asked.

ARIA of sorrow, yeah, that one. get it! or you will get it!

Megaman Zero. LoZ: Four Swords

Zelda: LttP is the best, but it’s quite likely you played the original SNES version.

IMHO, the three best GBA games are Advance Wars, Golden Sun, and GOlden Sun: The Lost Age.

Tactics Ogre is very good too.

I have trounced the SNES version so many times, the cartrige refuses to work. (I got my cart as soon as LttP came out)

Tactics Ogre owns. ESPECIALLY if you’ve played TO PSX. CV HoD isn’t that great. I like CotM better. I hear Aria of Sorrow’s the best. I suggest checking out ebay. They have good deals on gba games. Metroid fusion’s also very good, but don’t pay max price. In fact, don’t pay max price for anything at this point.

Metriod Fusion is freaking awesome, and if you feel like it, pick up the two Breath of Fire remakes/ports, those are good if you want to play BoF again.

Also Advance Wars is pretty freaking good.

The thing is I can’t use eBay for lack of available account. Otherwise, I’d go there.

People need to stop bitching about accounts and make their own. All you need’s a freakin’ debit card.

Aria of Sorrow is easily the best Castlevania game ever made in my opinion.

Save money for FFTA. Uh, unless you’ll have money for it by then. Otherwise, I’d say

Megaman Zero and uh how about… I dunno, I haven’t played an RPG that I like on GBA yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Tales of Phantasia. (When it comes out)

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire.


Ruby and Sapphire are pretty good, I found them a little bit too easy though.

Originally posted by Sinistral
People need to stop bitching about accounts and make their own. All you need’s a freakin’ debit card.

I thought you needed a credit card, I’ll probably make one in the coming week.

If you have a debit card with Visa or Mastercard on it, it works sort of the same way. (I think? Don’t quote me). I do know that if a place accepts Visa/Mastercard credit cards, they’ll accept the debit cards.

Aren’t there any Dragon Warrior games you could play? I don’t have any GB product, so I’m not entirely familiar with the games.

Don’t have one with Visa nor Mastercard nor anything. It’s just a freaking Debit Card, but thanks for telling that to me before I try to do the account.