Annual "all that is tacky and shit about Europe" day!

Yes, tonight is the Eurovision song contest, a place where people from all over Europe gather to laugh at their neighbours, and primarily at us brits. :slight_smile: It’s also about the only time I can celebrate my being 1/32 Irish :wink:

Question is, does anyone still care about who wins and who loses? I know I don’t- I just listen to Terry Wogan slagging everyone else off. :-p

No I don’t care… I’m not even gonna watch… it’s just a rip-off these days… I got better things to do

England = Nul Point

I never hear about the thing until the day after, so yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds neet but i don’t think ill be able to see it. :moogle:

neet? it’s like descending into all bowels of hell at the same time… it’s deafeningly evil… it should be banned from this world… oww the shallowness… please kill me before I attempt to kill em all

like i said sounds neet.

im alway looking for a new way to torture the humanity :moogle:


We want more 12s, damn you all!! How can you NOT love the 40+ pink mic stand stripper dancer lady?

Sorry, but… HOW THE HELL COULD UKRAINE WIN!!! >_<;;;

I don’t.
It makes my ears and eyes hurt.

Ah, come on, at least you got 12 from the Irish, and did better than Norway.

…Seriously, though, how did Xena and her S&M pals win? And how did that feckin’ weird Yugoslavian flute song score so highly?

Europe is a twisted place. I’m not disappointed about us not winning, but I am VERY disappointed about UKRAINE winning! Guh!!

Didn’t even watch it. Too busy.

This thread is so funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Ukrane, it least it Better that Isreal, Not part of Europe BTW. The Flute song? Boy…

Due to the unavailbility of Spirtes the follow will be done with Text Disciptions.

Nutter: (singing) …Just one …
A riping sound is heard
Nutter w/o Trowers (Boxers, btw): Ki…! I think some one got that a bit wrong!
Win ME: Whoops

Big Nutter
How it was Won!

Europop sure is different.

Has anyone seen the Brit Top of the Tops?

I watched about half of the contest on some French channel. It was hilarious. :stuck_out_tongue: I thought Ukraine’s performance was entertaining. :stuck_out_tongue:

Urgh, no way, Neb! I haven’t watched it for a bloody long time either :stuck_out_tongue: The ringing of England’s ‘Nil Point’ is too much to bear.

So I sat at my comp and drank too much wine instead. :get it?:

Did anybody else have to go look for their eyes after Bosnia-Herzegovina’s song? I normally don’t use this word, but that was the gayest dance I’ve ever seen.

The lisp! Ye gods! The lisp!

And what the HECK was that up with the leather underwear? Whichever country that was.