AniMix Part 3

Look at the thread title. Either it was released back in Janurary (in which case I’m gonna feel really stupid) or a few days ago.

Either way, go watch it. Now.:enguard:

Scroll down, dude. i posted this like 4 weeks ago, the day it came out.

Yes, part 3 kicks the other two’s ass like SO much. Dere she wuz justa walkin down teh street singin’…

Btw, the Hunter X Hunter clip of Can’t Touch This is so beautiful sniff

OOps. My bad.

And my favorite part of AniMix comes from Part 2, from the start Shamanic Princess to the end of the Spriggan section. That’s just some fantastic editing.


Ahh I LOVE the Spriggan part. That music is just way funky, I even downloaded the songs to that part, hehe. My mom happens to hate to OOOOOOOOOoooooo…OOOOOOoooo…part in part 3, you know, Kiki’s Delivery Service right after the “Run Away” part of Oh My Goddess. She complains every time I play it.

Damn, wish I knew how to make music videos…I really want to take part in that.I have everything I need but it’s hard to learn all the good technical stuff on my own. The parts are all filled anyways for 4 and 5.

hell, I just wish they’d make the mix itself available. Some of the songs just aren’t as good without the remixes in the video.

The first part rom Full Metal Panic to Hellsing also rocked. The but after it was just… weird…

The whole mix IS available…somewhere’s…it’s called Deep Dance Volume 50 by DJ Deep…but the French students who put the whole thing together I think er-ed on the name because it isn’t uncommon to see mistakes in their track listings.

I’ve tried checking around…I believe it goes by another name. Either way, I’m going to email the site because well I NEED to get the whole thing. It just rocks.

And GUH you didn’t like the rest of it?! Ahh:eek: I dunno how you couldn’t…the whole thing afterwards is just…awesome. I can’t put it into words, I adore the last 10 minutes a lot.

If you ever find out what the actual title is the mix is then you have to tell me. I need it to live. 0_o

Best bit in

The entire Cowboy Bebop section. To be honest I thought this was the least interesting of the mixes though.

From the start of Boogiepop Phantom to the end of Spriggan. That’s just a classic moment of editing and music. Genius. The best part of the whole mix.

3 :
From the start of the video to the end of Hellsing.

From the start of Vampire Hunter D to the end of Oh My Goddess,.

From the start of the X: The Movie to the end of the Hunter X Hunter section (can’t touch this! ^^).

Special Mention:

Kiki’s Delivery Service, because it had the funky chicken dance! >_<

The last Trigun one (Vash in a trashcan!)

Silent Moibeus (Part 3) because i liked the track. >_>

The Big O (Part 2). Again the music was cool (and lookit the name of the song! Haw!).

And that’s just all I can recall without going off and watching them again.

Ayuh, of course. I’m sending an email today to ask specifically where I can get it. It’s just addictive.

  1. i thought the entire thing was well put together. It was very well put together, but many were more interesting than others. (The Cowboy Bebop one was very cool, I agree) I liked the end of the Love Hina transition into the Saiyuki clip “ARE YOU FOR SOME MORE?!” hehe. I love it. And the Witch Hunter Robin clip at the end “Where do you go my lovely?”…that clip was what got me into the series.

  2. Spriggan DEFINATELY and Shamanic Princess( I think that’s the one before?). The Animatrix was what impressed me the first time around…still does, but I like the Magic Rayknight Earth clip (The little ding dong melody) and from that, the Tokyo Babylon clip which is followed by X.

  3. Mostly all of it…I kinda dislike the beginning for some reason…well I like it just not nearly as much as the rest of the video.From the “Up and down” clipy to Ah My Goddess, and then I like the first Trigun clip, the shootout, and then all the songs that go in sync with it afterwards(especially X, that one rawks) until Can’t Touch This. Then I like the Boom Boom song (^^) till the X Files clip. Then the clip after the second Trigun clip (you mentioned it earlier I believe) till the end. Yes I REALLY like all those ones. I can’t wait till part 4.

I also need to figure out how to burn the whole thing…the Animix would look awesome on big screen.

Oh and I realize the link doesn’t work…it does, but you cant copy and paste it apparently (well I couldnt anyways) so try

it will redirect you into the updated site and from there you can see the tracks and stuff.