animes movies that didint have a series ar a manga

name some

Studio Ghibli’s movies (Porco Rosso, Totoro, Spirited Away etc…).

Vampire Hunter D. 'Nuff said.

Grave of the Fireflies. Spriggan.

Do you mean no manga at all, or that the anime came first? For example, Evangelion was an anime first, and then the manga came afterwords. The Escaflowne manga were based off of the concept designs for the TV series. And then there’s ‘cine-manga’, which is basically screen shots of the anime with speech ballons to make a full-colour manga.

Just hoping for a bit of clarification here. And just out of curiosity, is there any particular reason you wanted to know?

not really.

I know of at least one
My Neighbour Totoro

Standalone porno porno porno!!

Kiki’s Delivery Service? Ghost in th Shell? Princess Mononeke, Spirited Away? I’m not sure about those, but I don’t think they have mangas.

Thanks for answering my idle curiosity, Zhare; but I’m still looking for a bit of clarification of what you’re really looking for… No manga in any way shape or form, or just that the anime came first? Or does it matter?

Ghost in the Shell was an infamous manga before it was a film.


Actually the Manga came out at the same time as the movie did in Japan.

As for Vampire Hunter D. Thats actually a set of 8 Novels that Amano released. There are several series where this is the case where a novel was released and then an anime/movie was released to go with it.

Also anything Gainax started out as an Anime first they tend to release manga afterwards. This is true in the case of Karekano, Eva, and Mahoromatic.

Now for some that don’t have anything either based off them (except doujinshi) that would have to be a lot of the stuff Gonzo Digimation has worked on. Vandread, Kaleido Star, Zaion, Blue Submarine No. 6, Kiddy Grade, etc. All of these are completely original works that Gonzo has released with nothing to back them except their name as a company.

Now granted thats not true for all of the stuff they have worked on. Both Narue no Seiki (World of Narue) and Full Metal Alchemist have manga series backing them. But that is a small minority compared to the rest of the stuff Gonzo has made and released.

I thought KareKano was manga first…

My bad … I was thinking Konomini. Kono Minikuku wo Utsukushi no Seiki … or something like that. Translated it means This Ugly and Beautiful World.