Anime vs. Manga

Anime vs. manga. I find it an interesting point to bring up. On the one hand, anime is colored and shows you what’s going on in fluid motion. A manga, however, you can take at your own pace and study what’s really going on more carefully. Plus it usually came first, showing the artist’s original intentions that may or may not have been botched in the crossover to anime.

I prefer manga, as I tend to take it more studiously. Plus it’s cheaper. Eight bucks for an hour’s worth of reading opposed to twenty bucks for an hour and a half of watching.


It’s like moving manga with sound, in the simplest terms.

I wouldn’t pick one over the other really, theres some thing you miss if a series is both in anime and manga form. Though maybe it’s only minor things its nice to see how the artist wanted it usually as you mention Miltank. The yugioh manga is supposed to be really screwy in its manga form, me want! Its interesting to see how the artist drew his/her characters and seeing which parts of a story they emphasize more in the characters reactions and whatnot. There should be some serieses that are only in manga at least for now. Have their been any serieses that have been anime first or anime only?

Its not only that anime has color and fluid movement, theres is too the voice actors which can be a tossup whether thats done right or not, so i’ve heard. Giving voice to character is another pleasant aspect to anime usually. drools over the first green power ranger I wish i knew Japanese so I could experience the original, plus I love languages. I’ve heard from various sources that english dubs can suck, but so could any other dub right? You could also pickup how a character holds themself in walking, fighting if it occurs, etcera; unless manga provides flip books? Just a few more mannerisms to see the characters more fully. Uh my train of thought just derailed, anyone want to list more aspects of anime?

Manga is cheaper and you can read it about anywhere as with anime you have to be somewhere with vhs/dvd and anime can really drain your pocket. I would say both are just as enjoyable as the other, its basically just another form to experience it.

I voted manga, mainly because it’s cheaper… plus, it’s cool to see what the creator originally intended… like, the whole Noh mask thing in Inuyasha got changed a lot in the anime version… I’m not complaining, just pointing it out.

Anywho, I’m content with watching anime on TV for now… I don’t want to pay twenty bucks for one VHS/DVD… I’d rather get two manga volumes… but, that’s just what I think… if I had more money, I’d get anime…

So, yeah… now, I’m just rambling…

i chose not to vote, for me its a tie as well. manga is cool because it’s what the creator intended, and it shows you more detail as well, some parts are left out of anime all together. For example, in Ranma 1/2 in the Musk dynasty, the descendents can change into an animal form, Ranma meets a tigerboy, a dragonboy, and a wolfboy, this was left out of the anime. so some parts are chanfed, draged out to waste time or left on the cutting room floor. Anime is better in some ways too. fight scenes are funner to watch in anime, but are ok in manga too. it is nice to see the color and movement in anime, but there are just somethings that cant be shown in anime that are shown in manga, and vice versa.

lyk gunsmokemist said, yugioh is supposed to be wacky, but in the cartoon everything is always tense and serious. in the anime, everything is about friendship and ruling the world with three cards(i mean come on! they are just pieces of paper!) but the manga is more fun and hardly has any card games. ONe problem is anime takes along time but in a way i also like it, but what took me a year to watch, took me less then an hour to read(dbz-raditz saga)

well i guess the short way to put it is(too late for that) some series are better as anime FLCL and some are better as manga yugioh.

Depends on the anime. For example, i like gantz and naruto the manga better than the anime, for reasons i do not wish to explain now.

Manga. Lacks filler and is the original story