Anime trainwrecks

This probably isn’t going to be as much like the title as you’d expect… when I say trainwreck, I mean it as something you insist that you won’t look at but then can’t help yourself and look anyway.

Are there shows that you’ve sworn you won’t watch for whatever reason but then watch anyway?

I was inspired to make this thread after watching the first episode of Gundam Seed Destiny last night. I promised myself I’d give up after Seed, especially since so many posters complained about how bad Destiny was… but it was right there in its Canadian broadcast torrent… um, “glory”. And you know what? I’m going to watch the second one too.

Let’s see. I think when I first started anime I told myself I’d stay away from magical girl stuff completely. I’m currently starting to watch the second season of sailor moon and starting card captor.

Destiny wasn’t as god awful as the hype makes it out to be. Ok, that’s not really true, it certainly is pretty darn shitty and I could go for a good while listing it’s faults, primarily with previous characters getting crapped down and new ones getting bad development, a main plot that seems to shift focus every five minutes and Murosawa’s goddamn obsession with giving Athrun screentime even though he’s a static, secondary character who never actually did anything significant. However, most of its faults actually lie with not being as good as SEED. It’s not going to be anything brilliant, but it won’t be 100% worthless either. More like 90%.

Also: Shining Finger, Hyaku Shiki, Zaku Char Custom, Psycho Gundam and THIS IS NO ZAKU! NO ZAKU!

In my case, it’s manga instead of anime: Tenjo Tenge. It’s shit, I abhor it, I hate the main characters, the interesting ones never get screentime and the plot is an insane load of bullshit, but given the goodwill that Airgear inspired on me, I just keep reading in hopes it’ll get better.

This may sound odd, but I’ve never really been able to figure out what Tenjo Tenge is about…

Join the club. Really, can some explain to me? First the whole dragon crap, the five billion guys who could be The Ultimate Warrior, then they are suddenly in Sengoku Jidai, now it’s back to the stupid tournament and WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?

I’m still watching Bleach, even though there’s almost nothing of value in it. I just can’t be bothered to go off and find a decent new series; the trouble of having to spend hours downloading and then burning stuff just to find out it’s the same old tripe doesn’t appeal to me any more. 8-(
Well, that and I don’t want to spend more than an hour a week or so watching anime any more - not if I still want to play RPGs!

Trinity Blood. Get yourself a Anime Cliche Checklist because this sucker has about as much originality as Adam Sandler’s comic routine sans Operaman. If they aren’t trying to do something so predictable that a blind man could see it comin’ they’re trying to use some kind of Bone-Headed/out-of-place plot device to get the going nowhere fast recycled storyline to its next completely perdictable arc. And through it all the whole damn thing goes kaput without really going anywhere. Through it all though the one thing that can actually be considered to be its one good point is in its corny lameness. By the end of the show I couldn’t even stay seated in my chair I was laughing my ass off at it.

The best raof lol moment was in the second to last episode when the reseident Mary Sue (now Queen Mary Sue also I can’t really call this a spoiler as once you’ve spent the effort to find out who I’m talking about you’ll have solved every mystery and know every twist of the entire show) gets airlifted onto a stage set right in front of a rampaging mob that was in the prosess of fleeing the Ultimate, Ultimate, Ultimate, Ultimate, Ultimate Weapon of mass destruction that is currently in the process of leveling the entire kingdom which the MIB are preparing to make their Death Star Trench Run on. Now I know there’s a 99.9999% chance that she’s gonna give some grand speech on the power of love faith and having everyone group hug around the camefire while she lookin’ sad, the Marshmallows and Wieners are getting roasted, and the sound of Cum By Ya is heard off in the distance (due to the fact that the show just had just used a cheesy plot device a scene ago). But I watched anyway praying that this rock concert setting would inspire Queen Sue to rip off half of her dress, tie a bandana around her head, pull an electric guitar out of Hammer Space, and start rockin’ out with “In the Garden of Eden Baby”. Alas this was not the case, in fact there was no campfire either. (unless you count the rest of the city)

meh! I caved. So what?

Zatch Bell, and the big one is Bobobo-Bobo-Bobo, or however the hell you spell that. Even by anime standards, when I saw a commercial for Bobo I thought it was a joke at first.

Sad to say, DBZ is my train wreck. If I turned on my tv and an episode that wasn’t 100% screaming was on (and I’d know, I’ve seen them all already ::dekar!::), I’d probably watch it hoping that someone would get a fist though the torso.

Melody of Oblivion. It’s just so bad that it’s good. Mystical archery on flying motorcycles, sexual innuendo, the ridiculous monster union goons (both the monsters and the names), and a ranch of cowgirls. I watched the first 7 episodes but thought it was painfully stupid and stopped. Then I came back to it after a while and came to appreciate the ridiculousness of the series.

Eureka 7. I watched the first few episodes as background material while WoW was on my monitor. The main character was some annoying little kid, and no one can pronounce Eureka (seriously, they all say something like “owd-ecka”).

I came back to the series last fall, and it turns out that it’s actually incredibly awesome. Go figure.

That was one series I had to watch all the way through >.>

Then I watched GT. Then the original Dragonball. ._.

mmm… apart from that there really wasn’t very much. Arjuna comes to mind but I had no problems not watching more than the first two episodes. That was a sucky series if I ever saw one.

Originally Posted by RoguePaladinTrian
and no one can pronounce Eureka (seriously, they all say something like “owd-ecka”).

When I first heard them say that I thought they had said Erecta.

I cannot think of a case where I promised myself i would not watch something and end up watching it anyway.

Mine was Yu-Gi-Oh. I can’t turn away from this when it’s on. I have no clue why.

Ouran Highschool Host Club for a while and now it’s back to Bleach. I can guess everything that’s going to happen. I think I only watch to see if I’m right.