Anime script

Does anyone know where i can get the scripts for good animes (im looking for the script for voices of a distant star)

Hell no :stuck_out_tongue:


I have one. I just wrote it. I call it…



Keitaro: The handsome main character, which all the chicks want a peice of. But he has bad luck. Master of swordplay. decendant of holy samurai kings.

Sakura: The adorable high school student, and love interest to Keitaro. She has had a crush on him since the 5th grade. But every time she tries to make a move, somthing bad happens. Keitaro is oblvious to her crush.

Katsuragi: The preistess of the temple in the shadowy forest ohhhhoohhoohhh

Shin: The teacher at the highschool, and secret NINJA! who is hates Keitaro because he wants sakura, bad, despite him being twice her age, maybe thrice, I have yet to decide.

Monkey: A wise monk with a goofy name.

Scene opens with Ketiaro running from the Ninja.

Hundred of ninja are jumping from tree to tree, did I mention it was in a forest?

  • ahhh fuck it, I’m too tired to make a script right now.

:fungah: Umm… isn’t Voices of a Distant Star an (american) comic book?

And have you tried

I think he’s referring to “Hoshi no Koe”, probably better translated as ‘Voices <i>from</i> a distant star’ Neat little flick, if only for the fact most of the work on it (save for the voice acting) was all done by one man.

Anyway, trying Google is the only thing I can recommend. If you can’t find it there, chances are no one has a script for it.

Its really good if you havent seen it ( im not much of an anime fan but this one was done really well, its only 30 minutes long and only has 2 characters but reached me in a way no other anime ever has.

Oh god Charl, that was too funny. :hahaha;

I CONCUR! Charle, it was super funny even though I only read up to how he has been having bad luck :stuck_out_tongue: